A fresh look all year round thanks to Skin Illusion Blush

A fresh look all year round thanks to Skin Illusion Blush
A fresh look all year round thanks to Skin Illusion Blush

Make-up is a task we do every day. However, it can sometimes be complicated if you really want to showcase your strengths properly. So the idea is to be daring without going overboard. While most women therefore use a foundation, some sometimes forget to complete the application of it with a blush. However, the latter is the essential finishing touch to a successful make-up . Clarins understands this and presents us with the brand new Skin Illusion Blush.

How to finalize your makeup with a touch of Skin Illusion Blush?

If the use of a blush is recommended on a daily basis, it is quite simply because it appears to be the final touch of a complete make-up. Indeed, the foundation makes it possible to unify the base of your skin. However, the Skin Illusion Blush can complete it and give your face an extra boost of radiance. Thus, the result will be a fresh and radiant effect, as if you had spent a day in the great outdoors.

However, to achieve such a result, it is still necessary to know how to apply it. Fortunately, Clarins has thought of everything and designed a case delivering the right amount of product to each of these openings. Thus, the Skin Illusion Blush allows you to apply your makeup moderately without obtaining a “clown” effect.

To do this, you just need to apply a little under the bone of your cheekbones, starting from the hollow of your cheek and working up to the level of your temples. This will create a shadow and give your cheeks more curve, more relief to your face and a healthy glow.

The advantages of the latest blush from Clarins

What’s more, let’s not forget that Clarins is a brand that has exceptional expertise in the field of care. Thus, like each article from the brand, the Skin Illusion Blush contains a complex of care to sublimate the skin.

In addition, it is enriched with pink algae extract, an active principle known for its power of cell regeneration as well as for its moisturizing and softening effects. Everything is delivered to us in a sublime case strewn with hearts and slipping easily into a handbag. Therefore, the Skin Illusion Blush will never leave you and will sublimate your skin wherever you move.

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