Annayake and its Balancing Lotion Normal to Dry Skin

Annayake Balancing Lotion Normal to Dry Skin
Annayake Balancing Lotion Normal to Dry Skin

Born in 1928 from the love of Mr Suzuki for his wife, the Annayaké brand is the symbol of exceptional Asian success. Annayaké skincare and cosmetics are 80 years of advanced research and 2,000 years of respected tradition. Annayaké treatments are developed using avant-garde techniques in Japanese research laboratories. Because no skin looks like another, the Annayaké researchers have developed a diagnostic “mini-computer”, the Skinner, which precisely determines the water and sebum content of each skin. Here, the house of Annayaké presents its “Balancing Lotion for Normal to Dry Skin”.

All the benefits of Balancing Lotion Normal to Dry Skin Annayaké

The balancing lotion is the first treatment for your skin after double cleansing. A true Japanese beauty ritual, the balancing lotion contains a combination of moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and quince extract, which penetrate deeply into the epidermis, while durably rebalancing its water and protein content. sebum. Softened and more comfortable, the skin is then radiant and perfectly prepared to receive other treatments as well as a day’s makeup, all with more efficiency.

Annayaké Balancing Lotion Normal to Dry Skin, advice for use

In order to get the best from your balancing lotion, it is advisable to use it morning and evening. Take a few drops of the lotion, then apply it by light touches on the perfectly cleansed and cleansed face and neck. Your skin is thus radiant with beauty. Your lotion is presented in a 150 ml bottle. Sober, all in white, the bottle bears the name of the product written in black.


The ”  Balancing Lotion Normal to Dry Skin  ” softens and hydrates the skin. Thanks to its active ingredients, Annayaké balancing lotion perfectly prepares your skin for other treatments as well as for makeup of the day.

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