Armani Code Profumo, the scent of magnetic tension at its peak

Armani Code Profumo, magnetic tension at its peak
Armani Code Profumo, magnetic tension at its peak

The Armani brand was created in 1975 in Milan. It is founded by Giorgio Armani and his friend Sergio Galeotti. The first line is masculine, and the Armani brand is quickly noticed since one of the structured unlined and rather revolutionary jackets knows an immediate success. Collections for women followed, collections that were both luxurious and affordable. Building on this success, the brand presented “Armani pour Homme” in 1982. In 2016, the brand presented “  Armani Code Profumo  ”, a variation of the famous “  Armani Code Homme  ” released in 2004.

Italian male seduction

The style of the Armani house always echoes Italian elegance and seduction. “Armani Code Homme” was primarily intended to be associated with modern men, with those who elegantly wear a black suit with a white shirt. Manly, but without being macho, “Armani Code Homme” ranks among the top 10 best-selling men’s fragrances in Europe and the United States. Faced with this success, the Armani house will offer many variations. In 2016, the brand unveiled “Armani Code Profumo” which presents a more sensual aspect than its predecessors. Its composition delivers, in fact, a sensuality in its raw state. By unveiling “Armani Code Profumo”, the brand offers a real essence to men with a hot temperament.

Armani Code Profumo, the warm scents of the Middle East

“Armani Code Profumo” is defined as an oriental-fougere fragrance, sensual and sophisticated. “Armani Code Profumo” begins with an acidulous and fruity freshness, namely that of green apple and that of green mandarin. Both then combine with cardamom. The heart of “Armani Code Profumo” could not be more contrasted. Indeed, it combines the luminosity of orange blossom with the aromatic freshness of lavender and the spicy side of nutmeg. Finally, the base leaves a trail that is both virile and sensual thanks to the presence of a leather accord., amber notes, styrax and tonka bean, emblematic material of the first composition. The bottle displays the same clean lines as its predecessors. Its deep and transparent base then gives way to a gradient going from light brown to brown. The whole is topped with an ultra elegant copper cabochon.

“Armani Code Profumo” is a more sensual variation of the famous “Armani Code Homme”. If Italian seduction is still at the heart of “Armani code Profumo”, the composition is intended to be more intense than that of its predecessors. Deep and magnetic, “Armani Code Profumo” delivers a new ultra seductive version.

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