Clarins presents the new version of the Double Serum

Clarins presents the new version of the Double Serum
Clarins presents the new version of the Double Serum

The Clarins brand is synonymous with excellence and is considered to be one of the world’s leading beauty specialists. Each of its products is full of plants and puts all the benefits of nature at the service of our body. Today, Clarins offers a particularly extensive catalog of treatments. Among its best-selling items, Clarins Double Serum is an undisputed bestseller . It first appeared in 1985. Then, over the course of Clarins’ research, it was continuously perfected. Today, Clarins is in its eighth generation of Double Serum. This one is unveiled to us in a brand new packaging and has a completely reworked formula.

Turmeric, the central product of Clarins Double Serum

To develop the new formula for its Clarins Double Serum, the brand collaborated with the School of Medical Studies in Namur, Belgium. Together, they discovered that the cells found in the heart of the epidermishad a capacity to adapt to the environment. In other words, our skin would have a whole set of sensors listening to our daily life and allowing our body to adapt to the different messages sent by the environment. However, these receptors see their capacities diminish over time. The idea is therefore to strengthen their vital functions and strengthen them. However, for this, turmeric turns out to be a very beneficial ingredient. With yellow pigmentation, this Indian spice is very often used as a coloring in food preparations. However, it is also recognized as a source of iron and manganese, two essential minerals, as well as being a powerful antioxidant. In Clarins Double Serum, turmeric stimulates cell recovery and strengthens their receptors,

The other active ingredients contained in the Clarins Double Serum

At the same time, Clarins Double Serum contains 20 other plant extracts that act to restore the skin’s five major vital functions. The Clarins Double Serum acts in particular on hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration and protection of the epidermis. For this, it contains chestnut, tea or even kiwi. Some of these plants are cultivated in a fair trade approach, in order to ensure the protection of our planet. All of this constitutes a complete anti-aging solution preventing all visible signs of aging.

The new bottle of Clarins Double Serum

Finally, note that the packaging of the Clarins Double Serum has been changed. This contains two independent chambers, one containing an oily texture and the other a gel. By simply pressing on its cabochon, this container delivers the right amount of product. What’s more, this new bottle allows you to dose the proportion of each texture you want to use. Thus, you will obtain a more or less fatty and penetrating treatment according to your wishes.

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