Clinique Rinse-Off Hydro-Cleansing Foam

Clinique Rinse-Off Hydro-Cleansing Foam
Clinique Rinse-Off Hydro-Cleansing Foam

Clinique’s Rinse-Off Hydro-Cleansing Foam to get rid of all your difficult makeup

Since its launch, Clinique has been renowned for its expertise in skin care and protection. It must be said that this great brand was developed by a dermatologist: Doctor Norman Orentreich. Clinique has always been attentive to the needs of women and has been able to develop its range of products to perfect their beauty over the long term while adapting to the times. Today, makeup has greatly improved. It is more and more tenacious and withstands all the tests of the day. Yes but now, when the time comes to remove it, it is sometimes not an easy task! This is precisely why the Rinse-Off Hydro-Cleansing Foam was designed.

Cleanse your skin well, a vital step

Whether at night or during the day, the skin is put to the test. Indeed, despite its fragility, we expose it to multiple attacks on a daily basis. The cold, temperature variations, stress, makeup and pollution are all elements that weaken and suffocate it. Evening cleaning is therefore used to remove this thin film that clogs its surface. At night, on the other hand, the skin takes advantage of a lull to regenerate. While you sleep, she works a lot. A layer of sebum and dead cells forms on its surface. It is therefore to remove it that you must also clean your skin in the morning. However, even if you want to clean your skin effectively, you should always remain delicate. By rubbing too hard on your skin, you risk irritating your skin. Likewise,

The softness of the Rinse-Off Hydro-Cleansing Foam

The Rinse-Off Hydro-Cleansing Foam from Lancôme is a formidable product. Both very effective, it is also particularly smooth. In other words, it is an ideal product to quickly remove any type of makeup, even the most stubborn, with delicacy. Now, waterproof make-up, long-lasting products and sunscreens will no longer resist your cleansing routine. The Rinse-Off Hydro-Cleansing Foam is a blend of softness that brings comfort to your skin while purifying it. Its formula contains many plants which only sublimate your skin day after day. Thanks to its care, the skin is immediately hydrated, cleaner and fresher. Also note that Clinique’s Hydro-Cleansing Foam Rinse-Off can perfectly remove make-up from the eyes. Tested under ophthalmological control, it is suitable for people with more sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. To use it, all you need to do is take a small amount and lather it between the palms of your hands in contact with lukewarm water. Then apply theRinse-Off Hydro-Cleansing Foam on your face by massaging it delicately. Rinse thoroughly and finally apply your usual beauty products.

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