Cœur Battant, the new perfume from Louis Vuitton

Cœur Battant, all the palpitations of Provence in the new Louis Vuitton perfume
Cœur Battant, all the palpitations of Provence in the new Louis Vuitton perfume

Cœur Battant, all the palpitations of Provence in the new Louis Vuitton perfume

Since its creation, the Louis-Vuitton house has been attracted by travel, a distant elsewhere and a desire for a change of scenery. It is also thanks to its trunks intended for travelers that the Louis-Vuitton house became known. While many of its perfumes have thus found their source of inspiration in exotic countries, the latest can originate not far from here … Inspired by the region of Grasse, world capital of perfumery, Louis Vuitton has decided to enrich its Les Parfums de Louis Vuitton collection with a new fragrance called Cœur Battant.

Cœur Battant, a fragrance inspired by the floral fields of Grasse

Grasse is a very special town on the Côte d’Azur, whose town center always buzzes with a floral and sunny scent. Since the 16th century, this emblematic city in the south of France has been renowned for its olfactory industry. There reigns a certain luxurious elegance associated with a soothing art of living. However, it is precisely all this that can be found in the Cœur Battant perfume by Louis Vuitton. Following on from Attrape-Rèves of 2018, it opens up a new summer dream, bright and comforting. Designed by Jacques Cavallier, the Cœur Battant perfume is inspired by fields of flowers as far as the eye can see and summer scents. “Cœur Battant invites you to listen to your heart and to live each moment with passion”.

Cœur Battant, a floral and contemporary fragrance

Cœur Battant by Louis Vuitton begins with a fruity and luminous combination of fresh pear and jasmine. This blend gives it a modern and poetic breath. Then, to give more depth to this fragrance, Louis Vuitton incorporates ambrette seeds. Made from Indian hibiscus, these little beans give birth to a musky, powdery, animal and slightly fruity absolute. A prestigious ingredient, exclusively reserved for fine perfumery, ambrette is succeeded by a more woody and elegant accord of oak moss, patchouli and narcissus. Thanks to these elements, it preserves a certain touch of nostalgia. Cœur Battant by Louis Vuitton is a “fragrance with an irresistible character, suspended between freshness and sensuality”.

A bottle signed Marc Newson

On the aesthetic side, Louis Vuitton relies on genuine luxury with simplicity. Coeur Battant is presented to us in the emblematic bottle identical to the entire Louis Vuitton collection. Designed by Marc Newson, this container is at the same time pure, sober and elegant. Its virgin lines are devoid of any frills. Only its name is displayed in black typography on its transparent glass. Inside, its juice seems to be covered with light. The whole is surmounted by a black cap stamped with the Louis-Vuitton brass hallmark. Everything is contained in a cylindrical case in luxurious and refined white and gold colors. Cœur Battant by Louis Vuitton is available in versions of 100 and 200 ml, as well as in a travel set comprising 4 mini bottles of 7.5 ml.

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