Dior Addict: The fragrance of addiction by DIOR

Dior Addict: The fragrance of addiction by DIOR
Dior Addict: The fragrance of addiction by DIOR

As its name suggests, Dior Addict is a particularly addicting fragrance. This leaves behind a particularly attractive trail. With him, seduction is a continual game. This modern essence has it all. She wants to be particularly feminine and sparkling, does not lack elegance, is truly sensual, while remaining very fresh.

Dior addiction

The Dior woman is totally addicted to life. With her, everyday life is played out with passion. The latter is curious about everything and nothing can stop her. Its only goal is to get new sensations. Also, she made Dior Addict her ideal daily companion. This is an enigmatic and initiatory essence. As a result, it invites you to rediscover it a little more every day. Its seduction is mysterious and its freshness is particularly suave. With him, femininity is unbridled and becomes even more charming.

The sensuality of Dior Addict

Dior Addict starts with an innocent and sweet freshness , that of mandarin leaf. Then, it blossoms and reveals its unique heart. In particular, this suggests the presence of Queen of the Night, a rare flower from Jamaica that only delivers its nectar after nightfall. It appears all the more beautiful when it is sublimated with a touch of vanilla and the luminosity of orange blossom. Finally, Dior Addict leaves behind a more enveloping trail full of sandalwood and tonka bean. Undeniably, Dior Addict is as captivating and mysterious as the midnight blue color of its sleek case suggests.

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