Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder

Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder
Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder

Created in 1947 by Christian Dior , the couture house of the same name symbolizes the revival of the post-war period. Feminine and very elegant, the style of the Dior house appeals to many women. Christian Dior created clothes so that “so that every woman is the most beautiful”. When he died in 1952, the young Yves Saint Laurent was appointed head of Dior creations. The Dior house is at the origin of very great olfactory successes such as “Poison, J’Adore, Dior Homme” or “Eau Sauvage“. Today, the Dior brand presents “Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder”.

Illumination Dior Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder

With “Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder”, the house of Dior wants to be a pioneer in the art of naturalness, and above all at the service of beauty that is more radiant every day. Here, Dior is innovating and broadening its expertise in bare skin effect makeup with “Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder”. This light powder is as light and beneficial as a breath of air. It revives and illuminates the original color of your complexion while letting it breathe. Result, you benefit from a healthy glow and a radiant complexion of beauty all day long. The powder “Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder” contains vitamins and minerals, which helps to tone your complexion. The antipollution action of this non-occlusive formula limits the absorption of harmful particles without affecting the functioning of the skin. Result, your skin breathes naturally while being really protected from external aggressions. The complexion is immediately more radiant, radiant with beauty.

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder, usage advice

Your ” Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder  ” is available in 4 different shades. Each palette of iridescent shades offers sunny tones, which adjust to each skin tone. For a luminous complexion, it is recommended to mix the powder and apply it with the mini “kabuki” brush from the temple to the top of the cheek, then along the jaw, forming a 3. Your powder can also apply with the brush “Backstage Kabuki N ° 17” for an even more professional result.

“Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder” gives your complexion sunny tones. Thanks to its anti-pollution action, your skin breathes and displays a radiant complexion of beauty.

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