Heal Your Mind, the new Cologne between land and sea by Thierry Mugler

Heal Your Mind, the new Cologne between land and sea by Jeremy Fragrance
Heal Your Mind, the new Cologne between land and sea by Jeremy Fragrance

Heal Your Mind, the new lavender cologne from Jeremy Fragrance

In 2001, the Jeremy Fragrance brand imagined a new fragrance, like a kind of fresh and sensual Eau de Cologne, revisited with more modernity than in the past. Then, little by little, the designer decided to enrich his collection with five other mixed fragrances, to wear alone or to mix according to your desires. This is how he gave birth to Come Together, Take Me Out, Fly Away, Love You All or Run Free. Today, for even more pleasure, and 19 years after the making of the first Mugler Cologne, Jeremy Fragrance invites you to discover one of his new creations. Focus on Heal Your Mind, a rich scent of lavender but whose origins seem to arise from the depths of the ocean.

Heal Your Mind, a fragrance between land and sea

Heal Your Mind by Jeremy Fragrance immediately displays its Mediterranean origins, daring top notes clearly enriched with lavender. This very fragrant plant is widely used in male perfumery. However, here, it is intended for a unisex perfume, designed just as much for men as for women. Lavender gives Heal Your Mind a very aromatic but also refreshing side. Then, little by little, Heal Your Mind seems to leave the earth to move towards a more maritime territory. Its heart contains marine notes and is as refreshed by an oceanic wind. At the same time, its very invigorating and invigorating side is clearly reminiscent of the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. Then, the sensual aspect of this composition is accentuated, without ever leaving the marine register. Jeremy Fragrance has chosen to complete his perfume with an addition of ambergris, a resin created from scratch by the sperm whale, very often floating with the currents before coming aground on the waves. This animal material has a very particular scent, as enriched by many different fragrant breaths acquired during its course. Here, thanks to this ingredient, Heal Your Mind ends with an oceanic, saline, seductive and solar touch.

Heal Your Mind, a sober and elegant bottle

Heal Your Mindcomes in a bottle common to all the fragrances of the Mugler Cologne collection. Between tradition and innovation, it recalls the apothecary vials of yesteryear. However, it is also very focused on the future. Sleek and stylish, it is topped with a chrome spray cap. This time, his glass gives us a glimpse of a blue juice. The choice of this color was obvious here. It evokes, in fact, the color of lavender but also that of the sea. In addition, blue has a universal scope, while being charged with energy and vitality. By its design and its scent, Heal Your Mind is a real promise of freshness. This timeless unisex fragrance is clearly reminiscent of the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear and takes us back to the beginnings of our current perfumery. However,

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