Hérôme Nourishing Oil, perfectly nourished nails

Hérôme Nail Care Nourishing Oil
Hérôme Nail Care Nourishing Oil

Hérôme is a Dutch brand. Founded in the 1980s by Margareth van Roemburg, the Hérôme brand has been able to develop products, care and treatments for the nails . Today, the Hérôme brand has become a staple in nail and hand care. Its range of products and treatments is adapted to each problem that the nail may encounter. Thanks to his care, each nail will find its solution here in order to have beautiful hands. Here, Hérôme presents us his nourishing oil.

Hérôme Nourishing Oil, the care of dry and fragile nails

The nails, whose main component is keratin, weaken and break due to several factors, disease, water, tobacco, repetitive actions … To strengthen them, you need real care. The formula of Hérôme nourishing oil is particularly rich and powerful. It contains almond oil, lemon oil, vitamins E and F. Hérôme nourishing oil for nailsadapts perfectly to ridged, soft, brittle and tired nails. Your nails are regenerated from the inside. Nourished, they grow back more beautiful and stronger than before. Your nails and cuticles are now in perfect health! Apply the nourishing oil on your bare nails, without varnish, as well as on the cuticles. Massage until the oil is absorbed. You can then apply a hardener, your base or a varnish.

Herôme nourishing oil is the right treatment for dry and fragile nails. Thanks to its exceptionally rich formula, Hérôme nourishing oil heals and repairs your nails in an instant! An ideal treatment that will allow you to display your favorite nail polish.

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