Zadig & Voltaire perfume Just Rock for Her

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock for Her
Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock for Her

All the impertinence of Zadig & Voltaire in the new Just Rock For Her

In this year 2017, the Zadig & Voltaire brand celebrates its 20 years of existence. Therefore, he needed a new creation to celebrate this event as it should. Well, it’s now done thanks to the new perfume Just Rock For Her. This one is reminiscent of the previous This is Her of 2016. It appears to be a rock ‘n’ roll concentrate in perfect harmony with the spirit of the Zadig & Voltaire brand.

Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac in collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire

Although this is a new fragrance, Just Rock For Herwas produced by the same perfumers as the previous This is Her. So, to develop its recipe, Zadig & Voltaire once again called on the duo formed by Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac. Sidonie Lancesseur is a renowned perfumer who studied at the best perfume school in the world, in Versailles. Then, she learned a lot under the tutelage of Michel Almairac, who became for her a kind of liar. Sensitive to woody notes, it is a little of his love for these flavors that we find in Just Rock For Her. Michel Almairac, for his part, rather likes short and impactful formulas. For him, perfumery should not be the result of mathematical diagrams but should rather inspire dreams and arouse emotions.

Just Rock For Her and its very seductive fragrance

Just Rock For Her is a particularly seductive fragrance. This one relies on floral and oriental flavors to turn heads and embody the strong character of the Zadig & Voltaire woman. He brings together a warm, rich, sweet and opulent floral duo. This one is made up of jasmine and tuberose, two very famous white flowers in women’s perfumery. Their heady scent is then softened by vanilla, the well-known fruit of a plant from the orchid family. Its warm, sweet and suave scent is a real bewitchment of the senses. Finally, to bring more character and depth to the whole, woody notes have been added to the composition of Just Rock For Her.

A bottle that reminds us of the previous This is Her

On the aesthetic side, Just Rock For Her is reminiscent of the previous This is Her . There is nothing standard about its bottle. It displays a very contemporary spirit and forms a thick rectangular glass block. Entirely lacquered in white, it evokes a certain purity. Likewise, this is a nod to the white flowers that are contained in its composition. This is Her has a fairly understated appearance although its right side is cut roughly, displaying a more lumpy texture. The only small difference with This is Her is in the writing. Formerly black, it is now tinted with a golden color.

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