100% Love Eau de Parfum

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100% Love Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by S-Perfume. The notes of this fragrance are Valeriane, red currant, ivy leaves, Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, musks, labdanum, cocoa

100% Love Eau de Parfum
100% Love Eau de Parfum


Sweet, provocative and daring…you wouldn’t expect anything else from a creation by the legendary Sophia Grojsman (Eternity by Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent‘s Paris, Trésor by Lancôme, and many, many more). It’s a whirlwind of a perfume twisting and turning with a passionate swirl of black cacao, deep, red fruits and florals. Soft rose notes are a velvety embrace, a masterful turn that allows the dusty cocoa-like notes in 100% Love to shine just right… but not enough to be exactly like a box of chocolates. But just like those chocolates, 100% Love is highly addictive, the kind of scent that’ll have you knocking over other bottles in your half-crazed desire to find it, put it on, and breathe deeply…mmmmm, pure bottled passion. 100% Love defies convention, but does it with familiar, much-loved ingredients, and that’s not an easy feat.
The fragrance was originally created for an olfactory art installation named 100% Love at an art gallery in the Chelsea Art District of New York in 2003. A multitude of small clear plastic cosmetic jars was arranged on the floor of the gallery in the shape of a heart, which was filled by a bed of shocking pink scented plastic beads.

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Specification: 100% Love Eau de Parfum


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