B. Balenciaga Intense Balenciaga Eau de Parfum

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B. Balenciaga Intense Balenciaga Eau de Parfum is a 2016 Woody Aromatic Perfume by Balenciaga for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Tea. Middle notes are Blueberry. Base notes are Cedar.

B. Balenciaga Intense Balenciaga Eau de Parfum
B. Balenciaga Intense Balenciaga Eau de Parfum


The new flavor of the Balenciaga woman

He also confided about it: “It’s a really exciting project for me because it’s the first time I’ve worked on a perfume. It is important to capture the woman, the essence, the personality of B. Balenciaga ”. Faced with the success of this perfume, and barely two years after its release, he decided to create a variation with a more sustained scent, this time called B. Balenciaga Intense.

The new flavor of the Balenciaga woman

B. Balenciaga Intense does not appear to be the first revisit of B. Balenciaga. Indeed, the first version of this perfume saw the light of day in 2014, and was based on a vegetal and woody accord made from soy, lily of the valley, iris, ambrette, violet leaves and cedar. Then, a year later, its lively and aromatic aspect was reinterpreted in softer and smoother floral tones. It was then B. Balenciaga Skin. Also, faced with so much sweetness, the Balenciaga house decided to go to the opposite extreme of this first variant. This time, the B. Balenciaga Intense woman is revealed in her most vibrant aspect. Its perfume plays particularly on contrasts which only reinforces its mysterious and attractive aspect. The B. Balenciaga Intense woman seems to have more a trick in its bag and alone has multiple personalities. It’s a bit like she’s some kind of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hide capable of conjuring up a heartwarming and appealing feeling just as much as bewitching and enigmatic.

The woody vibrations of B. Balenciaga Intense perfume

B. Balenciaga Intense is a juice with a strong temperament. This begins with fruity and vegetal top notes. In addition, it contains green tea accompanied by blueberry. The tangy and juicy aspect of it then gives way to a bewitching heart. B. Balenciaga Intense is in charge of Queen of the Night, a rare flower from a cactus and displaying a summer night flowering. This one is famous for its incredibly enveloping and sustained scent. In some points, its flavor is excessively similar to that of jasmine. This is when the unparalleled radiance of this plant gives way to a darker background. B. Balenciaga Intense ends with more woody tones of cedar and mahogany. Finally, on the aesthetic side, B. Balenciaga Intense has kept the shape of its elders. However, it is embellished with a new particularly bewitching pink gradient. The whole is surmounted by a very elegant and hollow cap while the whole is also underlined by a very modern chromed metal structure. A true sculpture of perfumery, B. Balenciaga Intense is a true faceted work of art in which no detail has been left to chance.

B. Balenciaga perfume is back as an Intense version of Eau de Parfum

Balenciaga is a brand known today by all which has been able to propel itself to the forefront of the fashion scene, under the leadership of Nicolas Ghesquière who worked for its success from 1997 to 2012. Nevertheless, this one left make way for Alexander Wang, an equally fascinating character whose work has already attracted much praise in the fashion world. Also, it was in 2014 that he developed his very first perfume for his own line called B. Balenciaga. It was a green and fresh floral soberly named B. Balenciaga. Thus, in this year 2016, it returns and is displayed this time in Intense version.

Revisiting B. Balenciaga’s first opus

B. Balenciaga Intense is a juice that is anchored in the B. Balenciaga family and thus follows on from the first fragrance of these lines appeared in 2014. This one presented a vegetal and woody accord based on green soya sap, lily of the valley. , violet leaves, iris, ambrette and cedar. It was both lively and aromatic, possessing both floral and woody tones. This fragrance was already reinterpreted in April 2015 in a smoother and softer version called B. Balenciaga Peau. This time, it is precisely the opposite of this first revisiting that has been taken. B. Balenciaga Intense turns out to be more vibrant than ever, presenting us with a strong contrast of flavors. It is an intense woody essence but knowing how to stay fresh and whose fruity accents come to refresh your daily life. In addition, its opening is embellished with notes of green tea accompanied by blueberry. Then, the heart of B. Balenciaga Intense lets the smell of the Queen of the Night explode. This intriguing cactus flower displays nocturnal and summer blooming and is known for its bewitching scent even surpassing that of jasmine. Then, B. Balenciaga Intense ends with a more sustained base letting out scents of cedar.

The captivating bottle of B. Balenciaga Intense

On the bottle side, the new B. Balenciaga Intense does not shy away from its origins either. It retains the shape of its elders while endowing itself with an absolutely magnetic gradient of pink. This one surmounts a transparent base and comes to be inscribed on a glass with many very structured facets. The whole evolves to a purple color and is topped by an elegant hollowed-out stopper which is reminiscent of the aestheticism of the Ulrich de Valrens perfume boxes. The whole is also underlined by a very modern chromed metal structure. B. Balenciaga Intense is thus inscribed in a bottle similar to a sculpture. The name of the B. Balenciaga line comes to rest on a flat surface on its side, reading vertically and standing out in a white color against an opaque black background. Everything turns out to be particularly modern without lacking in femininity. In every way, B. Balenciaga Intense is a perfume that gives off an unusual aura.

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