Bergamote Soleil Atelier Cologne Eau de Parfum

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Bergamote Soleil Atelier Cologne Eau de Parfum is a 2016 Citrus Green Perfume by Cologne workshop for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jerome Epinette . Top notes are Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon, Bigarade. Middle notes are Jasmine, Green note, Hedione. Base notes are White musks, Evernyl, Vanillin, Solar Notes.

Bergamote Soleil Atelier Cologne Eau de Parfum
Bergamote Soleil Atelier Cologne Eau de Parfum


The know-how of Atelier Cologne

Indeed, for many years, colognes were the only perfumes used by men. Their freshness was much appreciated, but their tenacity left much to be desired. This is how Atelier Cologne remedied this inconvenience by offering us revitalizing juices but capable of lasting over the hours. In this context, a sweet and sunny essence called Bergamot Soleil was born.

The know-how of Atelier Cologne

Like each of the juices from Atelier Cologne, Bergamote Soleil is an essence made in France, with the purest respect for our craftsmanship. It is inspired by our Mediterranean climate and our French art of living and thus offers us a real moment of softness. In order to offer ever more noble juices, Atelier Cologne works in close collaboration with the largest Perfume Houses based in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery located near Nice. Thus, the brand procures products that respect our traditions and come from an inimitable family and ancestral know-how. On the bottle side, here too, Atelier Cologne has bet on quality by calling on the Pochet du Courval glassworks. Thus, they are the ones who made the Bergamot Soleil box. This perfume seems to contain the best materials of nature and favors above all natural ingredients rather than synthetic. In other words, to perfume yourself with Bergamot Soleil amounts to opting for the choice of an irreproachable quality, both in terms of fragrance making and in the bottle.

The summer scent of Bergamot Soleil

< p> It is a holiday image that inspired the creation of the Bergamot Soleil perfume: “They had taken turns driving all night long… The minivan, identical to that of their first meeting, skirted the bergamot hedge that led to the villa. The lunch table was set. He was hardly surprised to see them, as if they had never left each other deep down. The moment shuddered with the luminous energy of friendship. In other words, Bergamot Soleil is a concentrate of happiness, freshness and summer. It begins with an invigorating scent of Calabrian bergamot associated with bitter orange from Côte d’Ivoire. Ambrette from Ecuador gives this flight a little sensual side before everything slips onto a more floral ground composed of jasmine from Egypt and lavender from Provence. Nevertheless, the initial burst of freshness of Bergamot Soleil is preserved by the presence of cardamom from Guatemala. Finally, the whole leaves behind a more vibrant and sustained trail full of vetiver, Slovenian oak moss and white amber. Of course, for more radiance, everything is designed in a bright yellow tone that is reminiscent of the magic of summer days.

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