Easy To Love Eau de Parfum

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Easy To Love Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Eau d’Italie. The notes of this fragrance are White currant, fig, white peony, honey, tonka, ambrette

Easy To Love Eau de Parfum
Easy To Love Eau de Parfum


One thing Italians love is an anniversary celebration. And so it’s only fitting that the Eau d’Italie fragrance line, created 15 years ago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Hotel Le Sireneuse Positano, has now begat a celebratory milestone of its own. Easy To Love, a love letter to fragrance, hospitality, and the stunning beauty of the Amalfi Coast, more than lives up to its name, wrapping us up in a lovely and soothing blend of fresh florals and juicy fig as seductive and timeless as Italy itself. It’s a delightful example of quality over complication, with each note playing a vital role- white currant, sweeter than its better-known black and red siblings, still lends a distinctive tart buzz to the creamy, green fig note, made even fresher with a gentle peony. And lest we forget that la dolce vita is as much about sensory pleasures as it is the beauty of nature, Easy To Love features a luscious base of sweet honey, tonka bean, and subtly sensual ambrette musk- a nod to the food, drink, and romance one almost can’t help but experience on the Mediterranean. If 15 years of Eau d’Italie resulted in a scent this carefree and wonderful, we can’t wait to see what milestones we’ll be celebrating next.

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