Eau de Parfum Blanc de Courrèges Courrèges

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Eau de Parfum Blanc de Courrèges Courrèges is a 2012 Floral Amber Woody Powdery Perfume by Courrèges for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Julie Massé . Top notes are Pink berries. Middle notes are Pink, Orange Blossom, Peach, Iris, Litchi. Base notes are Patchouli, Vanilla, White musks, Amber, Heliotrope.

Eau de Parfum Blanc de Courrèges Courrèges
Eau de Parfum Blanc de Courrèges Courrèges


Blanc de Courrèges: The second birth of the Courrèges house

Accompanied by the now cult Empreinte and Eau de Courrèges, Blanc de Courrèges offers its original and resolutely futuristic sweets to a public who was waiting for this return of firm nose! Blanc de Courrèges “symbol of timeless purity” offers its flowery, spicy, and gourmet fragrances to make us fall, once again, into a mad Courrèges addiction.

Blanc de Courrèges: when the luminosity of haute-couture floods the perfume …

If certain great returns announced in a flamboyant manner are illusory or artificial, it would seem that that of Courrèges and its mythical perfumes are not among them. However, the rebirth of the famous house of haute-couture and perfumery was long overdue, because yes, Courrèges experienced great difficulties for several years, despite its timeless brand and its inimitable style.

Fortunately, the arrival of two fans of the symbolic label of the 60s has revived Moon Girl from its ashes. Blanc de Courrèges, accompanied by the legendary Empreinte and Eau de Courrèges, will mark the scent year 2012 by offering the two fragrances that have become cult revisited for the occasion and the magnificent, magnificent, magnificent breeze of the freshness of this White described as divinely creative.

Blanc de Courrèges thus follows the original line desired by its creator by offering new, captivating, and original scents. In addition, the aptly-named White refers to one of the colors that most marked the haute-couture collections of Courrèges, particularly by an entirely white collection from 1965. André Courrèges said moreover about this immaculate collection that “To Like Le Corbusier, who brought light into houses, I can bring light into my clothes. “.

This Blanc de Courrèges is therefore solar and luminous, like“ an obvious and unusual fragrance ”Courrèges for Blanc de Courrèges.

Where white becomes light and velvet

How can we imagine that this Blanc de Courrèges could be dressed in a bottle other than the one that bore Empreinte or, even more recently, Eau de Courrèges? Legitimately, therefore, the bottle of Blanc de Courrèges is… immaculate white and carries the pretty Bakelite bubble as well as its predecessors!

Blanc de Courrèges offers a spicy start of pink reunion berries magnified by a delicately sweet and deliciously exotic lychee pulp. At heart, the slightly fruity Grasse rose and the white flower plays the floral stars scented with the powder of an iris absolute. Finally, Blanc de Courrèges envelops us in an immaculate white cocoon where white patchouli, white musks, and white amber play with their warmth to create a soft and comforting wake to this beautiful flowery.

Blanc de Courrège s marks the return of the great values ​​of the Maison Courrèges by combining scented or aesthetic traditions with creative and scented innovation. Julie Massé, a young perfumer, signs here one of her first great successes and allows Courrèges to affirm once again, despite the years that have passed, that the house has not lost any of its supremacy in perfumery.


Released in 2012, “ Blanc de Courrèges ”is an essence that underlines the elegance of the Courrèges brand. “Blanc de Courrèges” is a solar and luminous fragrance with the impact of white, which naturally evokes purity. In 2012, “Blanc de Courrèges” also symbolizes the brand’s renewal since the latter was taken over in 2011 by Jacques Bungert and Frédéric Torlotic. To create this fragrance, symbol of the new “Courrèges,” the brand called on the perfumer Julie Massé.

Perfumer Julie Massé for the production of Blanc de Courrèges

Although she was born in Grasse, perfumer Julie Massé lived in Japan until the age of 5. Her father was a perfumer, and she had a passion for smells, mainly flowers, from a very young age. She succeeded in integrating the prestigious school of perfumery of Versailles, ISIPCA. She will begin her career as a perfumer in the quality control department of Fragrances Ressources. She will join the Man company in 2010. In 2012, Courrèges asked Julie Massé to make a new juice different from the previous ones. Julie Massé then chose the Moroccan iris as the star ingredient of her composition. She affirmed, “If I chose iris, one of the most expensive raw materials in perfumery, it is because I wanted a perfume of quality.”

The Moroccan iris at the heart of the Blanc de Courrèges perfume

As Julie Massé states, the Moroccan iris is the common thread of“ Blanc de Courrèges.” The fragrance will begin with the original scent of lychee, which is combined with rose berries from Réunion. The rose berries are native to South America. They have been introduced to the tropics thanks to their many medicinal properties. Rose berries are also called “Faux pepper tree” or “Reunion pepper tree.” Picking rose berries in Reunion is done in winter. In perfumery, the berries of roses are very popular, and there are many varieties. They nevertheless all deliver tones that are at the same time peppery, spicy, aniseed, and fruity. The heart of “Blanc de Courrèges” is exquisite and feminine. It combines the rose of Grasse with heliotrope and the absolute iris of Morocco. Iris is one of the noblest and most expensive ingredients in perfumery. Iris rhizomes are used in perfumery. Iris has been used since ancient times to perfume linens and gloves. The most famous is the Pallida iris, cultivated in the 19th century. In Morocco, iris grows in the Atlas Mountains. Finally, the base of “Blanc de Courrèges” is sensual and enveloping, as it is composed of white musks, white wood, white amber, iris, and patchouli. The bottle sports, of course, the color white for an ultimate touch of purity and serenity.

A true rebirth for the Courrèges brand,“ Blanc de Courrèges ”symbolizes the era of renewal. Both very elegant and feminine, the composition, signed Julie Massé, is built around the iris of Morocco.

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