Eau de parfum Osmanthus Interdite Parfum d’Empire

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Eau de parfum Osmanthus Interdite Parfum d’Empire is a 2007 Floral Fruity Perfume by Empire perfume for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Marc-antoine Corticchiato . Top notes are Aldehydes, Tea. Middle notes are Pink, Osmanthus, Jasmine. Base notes are White musks.

Eau de parfum Osmanthus Interdite Parfum d’Empire
Eau de parfum Osmanthus Interdite Parfum d’Empire


The nobility of the essences of the Parfum d’Empire brand

Nevertheless, it is a very delicate composition, skin-deep and fruity. This highlights one of China’s most iconic plants, revealing its apricot sweetness in a floral and crystalline glow. Osmanthus Interdite is a surprising fragrance, whose velvety sensuality can only capsize your heart and that of your loved one.

The nobility of the essences of the Parfum d’Empire brand

Parfum d ‘Empire is a brand that was born from the hands of Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, Corsican designer who grew up in Morocco, in lands full of flavors. This passionate soul has decided to create his own olfactory research laboratory in order to give free rein to his overflowing imagination. Parfum d’Empire thus has the crazy ambition to give thanks to the art of perfumery in all that it has of noblest. Let us not forget that originally perfume served as an invisible link between men and gods. Moreover, its name comes from the Latin “per fumum” which means “by the smoke”. In other words, Osmanthus Forbidden is a unique juice emanating from astonishing artistic creativity. This has a perfect balance worthy of the French tradition in perfumery. It is a concentrate of noble materials rethought with wisdom and daring. However, don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity. This takes us to the other side of the world with a simple floral impulse. Welcome to the heart of the Middle Empire, to an ancestral but timeless China!

The many facets of Forbidden Osmanthus

Osmanthus Forbidden is a juice that expresses both movement and life, acting as a “mediator between heaven and earth, between the visible and the invisible, and transforming matter into energy”. As its name suggests, the latter highlights osmanthus, an emblematic flower of China, symbolizing the rejection of the duality between body and soul. Also, if it has such a connotation, it is above all because its multiple facets are in turn floral, fruity and animal. Osmanthus Interdite is a fragrance that suggests to us that the world is one and the same. It reveals a floral freshness that is both green and airy, similar to that of sambac jasmine. At the same time, a facet of suede makes it more velvety while its elegance is based on a concentrate of pink. Finally, the whole is further enhanced with fruity accents for a tasty and addictive finish. You have been warned, with such an essence in the crook of your neck you could well become an absolutely irresistible creature!

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Specification: Eau de parfum Osmanthus Interdite Parfum d’Empire


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