Eau de toilette Nina Rose Nina Ricci

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Eau de toilette Nina Rose Nina Ricci is a 2020 Floral Fruity Cologne by Nina Ricci for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp . Top notes are Pear, Lemon, Bergamot. Middle notes are Neroli, Jasmine, Orange Blossom. Base notes are Cedar, Musk.

Eau de toilette Nina Rose Nina Ricci
Eau de toilette Nina Rose Nina Ricci


Nina Rose: A new apple makes its appearance at Nina Ricci

This time, to our delight, one of its most iconic perfumes is covered in pink. Nina Ricci puts the accent on her fragrance Nina , revealing now the new Nina Rose, a unique fragrance with a luminous, floral and refreshing scent . So what can this little pink apple-shaped bottle conceal?

Nina Rose, Nina Ricci’s little pink apple

Nina Rose is presented, as very often at Nina Ricci, in an apple- shaped bottle. After all, what better fruit than this to embody temptation? No one therefore seems to be able to resist this new fragrance! For the occasion, Nina Ricci’s apple is tinted with a completely opaque pink lacquer, both at its base, on its leaves or on its cap. Only a small white border comes to contrast with the rest of the set, subtly bearing the name of Nina. Therefore, this bottle asks only to be uncorked to let us glimpse its scent …

Nina Rose’s fruity and floral recipe

As for the recipe, Nina Rose gives off a very refreshing and spring scent. The one who wears this perfume is a radiant and radiant woman, who floods the world with her contagious optimism. Nina Rose first takes off on a fresh and citrus note of bergamot, lemon and pear. Then, her heart is thought of as a huge bouquet of flowers. As it comes straight from the Mediterranean, it combines orange blossom, jasmine and neroli. Little by little, the fragrance of Nina Rose darkens and gains in persistence in contact with cedar wood. Finally, her aura lets all her sensuality speak in a more animal cloud of musk.

Estella Boersma, muse of the perfume Nina Rose by Nina Ricci

On screen, Nina Rose is played by Nina’s usual muse, Estella Boersma. The pretty Dutch blonde flaunts in various daring and quirky postures. For the occasion, Estella Boersma dresses in several eccentric dresses, in pink colors, or oversized jeans matched with a down jacket of the same shade. Totally outsmarting fashions and trends, Estella Boersma has fun with her style and does nothing like the others. Undeniably, the one who wears this fragrance takes an amused look at the world and sees life in pink!
Nina Rose thus joins the Belles de Nina collection and is now displayed alongside the previous Nina, Luna and Bella. You are free to choose which small apple will be yours …

Nina made her appearance in the world of feminine perfumes in 2006. Incarnation of a fresh and romantic heroine, Nina plunges us into a marvelous dream navigating between reality and dreamlike. From the moment he arrived, success was instantaneous. Thus, surfing on her notoriety, Nina Ricci continues to deliver new chapters of her fairy tale of modern times. In 2020, Nina Ricci gives birth to Nina Rose, a juice presented, as its name suggests, in a pink apple-shaped bottle. But what about its scent and how does it manage to renew itself? Here are all the details of its composition.

Olivier Cresp, perfumer associated with the house of Nina Ricci

To compose this perfume, the house Nina Ricci called on one of the most prolific perfumers of her generation: the talented Olivier Cresp. Particularly famous in the world of perfumery and luxury, he has already collaborated with all the biggest brands on the planet, such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Armani, Dior, Thierry Mugler or Dolce & amp; Gabbana. In addition, we can no longer count the number of partnerships with the Nina Ricci brand. Olivier Cresp never stops revisiting Nina and offering her new faces. As always, he tries here to be original, while still incorporating his trademark. Olivier Cresp readily confides in being a lover of cedar and it is therefore natural that this raw material is invited into the base of Nina Rose.

The very contrasting smell of Nina Rose

< p> Nina Rose is an eau de toilette that contains optimism and daring. Very refreshing, this scent seems to come straight from the Mediterranean. Thus, it brings together many iconic raw materials from this part of the globe. It all starts with a very refreshing and fruity touch. Bergamot and lemon float here a zesty breath combined with the greener and juicier aspect of pear. At her heart, Nina Rose deploys all her femininity in a cloud of jasmine, one of the most used flowers in women’s perfumery. Other ingredients also enhance its luminosity. Neroli and orange blossom instantly plunge us into the Mediterranean region, portraying a young woman on a beautiful sunny day. It is then at this moment that the cede reappears. If it is one of Olivier Cresp’s most appreciated ingredients, it is quite simply because it has no equal when it comes to building up a fragrance and giving it more depth and persistence. Here, in a very nuanced breath, dark cedar combines with a brighter white musk, which only reinforces the sensuality and animality of this fragrance. Thus, it seems that the shy young woman of Nina Ricci has gradually transformed into a seductress who assumes herself. The temptation is immediate and it seems almost impossible to resist its charm!

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