Eau Sauvage Christian Dior Eau de Toilette

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Eau Sauvage Christian Dior Eau de Toilette is a 1966 Citrus Aromatic Chypre Cologne by Christian Dior for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Edmond Roudnitska . Top notes are Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lemon, Basil, Thyme. Middle notes are Hedione. Base notes are Oak moss, Vetiver, Patchouli.

Eau Sauvage Christian Dior Eau de Toilette
Eau Sauvage Christian Dior Eau de Toilette


Eau Sauvage: Men, perfumes, a touch of chic and a touch of rebellion

A break from the classic Eaux de Cologne offered until then, “Eau Sauvage & nbsp;” upsets and shakes up scents heavy with virility to expose fresh and lively fragrances with a revolutionary hint of hedione, to add a floral touch. At the end of the 1960s, men and times changed, and so did their fragrances!

A timeless signature fragrance of rebellious elegance …

Of course, “& nbsp; ; Wild Water ” instantly connects with the career of the tumultuous and eternal Alain Delon. However Alain Delon was not chosen as the muse for “Eau Sauvage & nbsp;” that from 2009 on pictures taken during the 1960s, in particular the filming of “& nbsp; La Piscine & nbsp;”.

Before Alain Delon, and from the birth of “Eau Sauvage” in 1966, the perfume already had a well-established communication which of course did not take the form of a muse but of drawn images. It was the artist René Gruau who was responsible for creating the advertising posters for the perfume when it was released. He amused himself by illustrating a rather virile man (in particular thanks to a significant hairiness) who evolves in a graceful and alert way in his home to make himself… handsome! A first which of course evokes a change of time when the man begins to take care of himself and likes to perfume himself of course, while not denying anything of his virility. A sort of adventurer who smells “good” rather than sweat!

Subsequently, “Eau Sauvage” will be worn by many male muses Johnny Hallyday, Zinédine Zidane and even the comic book heroes Corto Maltese or Largo Winch. Always with the same daring, a turtleneck going up to their sharp azure blue eyes, “Eau Sauvage” is part of time and in the hearts of men. In order to mark this beautiful unfailing love story, we will choose in 2009, like a provocative wink, old ’60s photographs of Alain Delon to represent “Eau Sauvage”. Better in 2001, Dior will carry out an advertising spot with images taken from the film “Adventurers” released in 1967, presenting a bearded Alain Delon and hair in the wind, described as “hipster before the hour” …

“Alain Delon and Eau Sauvage, the saga of modernity nourished by eternity. “

“ Eau Sauvage ”or the first real perfume created for men

In 1960, the director of the Dior house Maurice Roger asked the famous nose Edmond Roudnitska to create at the famous perfume house his very first perfume for men under the code name “Favorite” (in reference to the famous “Mustache”). Six after many discussions between the two men, “Eau Sauvage” is released in stores although tests on a male panel show great reluctance to this wind of new olfactory novelties. And yet …

“Eau Sauvage” appears in a world where we are increasingly interested in a return to natural elements, ecology and “wild” life… This fragrance will therefore present man in a new light: he will always be as virile but more delicate at the same time. The emblematic bottle of “Eau Sauvage”, unchanged since its creation (a unique case in perfumery), is designed by Pierre Camin in the shape of a flask, an essential male accessory of the time. But the precious and virile flask will be surmounted b y a thimble, an essential tool of the couturier, and decorated with a drape … Elements after all not really manly, especially at that time …

As for the fragrance, these two personalities of the “Eau Sauvage” man are the same: the perfume presents invigorating and aromatic freshness while revealing a flowery heart of hedione, a raw material… feminine! The beautiful “Eau Sauvage” opens with citrus and aromatic top notes of lemon, bergamot, lavender, rosemary, thyme and basil. Its heart offers the sweetness of hedione, a molecule just discovered to recall the scent of jasmine, a raw material that has become too rare and therefore too expensive. Finally, of course, “Eau Sauvage” will offer a chypre accord of oakmoss, patchouli and vetiver to offer a deep wake to men in search of new sensations, new feelings.

“Unexpected, unprecedented, Eau Sauvage is like a youth in upheaval. A lively and bubbling youth, in search of another truth. “2. Despite the number of years, men still like to look for these truths in their perfume” Eau Sauvage “, which has become a great classic in perfumery …

The story of “Water Sauvage “begins in 1966. At that time, men had few perfumes for them and were satisfied with colognes. Edmond Roudnitska, then a Dior perfumer, decided to be daring and create the first male fragrance. “Sauvage” is a real revolution in the world of perfumery. At the same time fresh, enigmatic and sensual, “Eau Sauvage” immediately appears as the fragrance of new men. In 2012, François Demachy reinterpreted the legendary Dior perfume in a more modern fragrance.

Eau Sauvage, a reinterpretation by François Demachy

Because “Eau Sauvage” is the fragrance of a whole generation, it was difficult to change it without changing it. It is François Demachy, appointed perfumer of the Dior house, who is in charge of this heavy task. François Demachy was born in Grasse, the very cradle of perfumers. He developed an unconditional love for raw materials. Very talented and instinctive, François Demachy has been the guarantor of Dior’s olfactory expertise since 2006. With rigor and creativity, François Demachy perpetuates the legacy of Christian Dior. Before him, it was Edmond Roudnitska, a friend of the couturier, who was responsible for creating the perfumes for the house. It was he who imagined “Wild Water”. To revisit this legendary fragrance, François Demachy took his inspiration from the very heart of the American desert. He says, “I love the deserts and especially those in the United States. They are as if inhabited, filled with shrubs, bushes, chaos of stone. The Americans conquered their deserts during the conquest of the West, but they master it as much as they share it. They consider them as a richness and not as a danger… I started from this wilderness where one would necessarily find authentic notes ”… We owe to François Demachy extraordinary perfumes such as “Dahlia Divin” by Givenchy, “J’Adore” By Dior or “Kenzo Homme Sport” by Kenzo.

Eau Sauvage by Dior, an oriental sensuality

If François Demachy wanted to keep modernity and boldness of his predecessor, he nevertheless decided to offer “Eau Sauvage” an oriental sensuality. Its composition will begin with the fresh and invigorating notes of bergamot and citron. These hesperidic tones combine with the aromatic tones of lavender. , thyme, rosemary and basil. The heart of “Eau Sauvage” takes on hedon, a molecule already present in the original perfume. than Haitian vetiver, which offers chypre and woody tones. Finally, the trail is filled with Somali myrrh, which gives off both balsamic and smoky facets and blends harmoniously with cistus labdanum, amber, patchouli, as well as oak moss. Hedon is the common point between the two compositions. This molecule was synthesized in 1962. It reinforces the freshness of all the other notes while enhancing them. Today, hedon is replaced by paradisone, a more powerful, fresher and much more modern molecule.

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