Eau Sauvage Cologne Christian Dior Eau de Toilette

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Eau Sauvage Cologne Christian Dior Eau de Toilette is a 2015 Citrus Woody Aquatic Green Cologne by Christian Dior for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy . Top notes are Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon, Rose oxide. Middle notes are Aldehydes, Green note, Ozone, Hedione. Base notes are Vetiver, Coumarin, White musks, Evernyl.

Eau Sauvage Cologne Christian Dior Eau de Toilette
Eau Sauvage Cologne Christian Dior Eau de Toilette


Eau Sauvage Cologne: A morning walk in the lemon trees …

Quite simply because the Eau de Cologne allows the juice to become even lighter and airy while borrowing an increased tone thanks to a precious choice of raw materials. This bath of freshness will be represented by the eternal Alain Delon delivered like a bearded adventurer in the open sea… Once again Eau Sauvage creates the event!

Eau Sauvage Cologne: when Eau de Cologne becomes trendy …

Of course, the evocation of Eau de Cologne does not have a priori anything that seems really current … Used mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries, Eau de Cologne was primarily used as a hygiene product before being used. a beauty ritual. It gave these gentlemen a good smell of clean, very smooth if not too smooth, for our noses of the 21st century.

Thanks to the perfume houses which have elegantly revised this great classic of perfumery, men are delighted to rediscover Cologne in a modern version. Far from being sanitized like its ancestor, it carries the man in a powerful and refreshing wave. To illustrate this aquatic surge, what better than to choose archival images of Alain Delon in the open sea?

Thus the advertising spot for Eau Sauvage Cologne offers selected images from the film Les Aventuriers shot in 1967 by Roberto Enrico . Alain Delon appears more seductive than ever with a beard completely unknown to the general public until now. The vintage black and white is once again a sensation and the advertising of Eau Sauvage Cologne has made a lot of talk!

An unprecedented sunny freshness for Eau Sauvage Cologne

Eau Sauvage Cologne released in 2015 does not absolutely seek to stand out from its elders and does not hesitate to once again display the precious flask that made the glory of its original juice from 1966. In order to mark its difference all the same. , Eau Sauvage Cologne is dressed in white, synonymous with purity, on both its label and its cap.

The composition of Eau Sauvage Cologne mainly highlights green notes in its juice. Thus the top notes are of course orchestrated around the citrus accords of Sicilian bergamot, lemon and tangerine against rocked by rose oxide. The heart notes prose the pretty blond woody vetiver from Haiti accompanied by a powerful and powdery cocktail of aldehydes, hedione, ozone without forgetting the essential green notes. Finally, pink peppercorns from Reunion Island punctuate the deep trail of Eau Sauvage Parfum with a spicy and fresh touch while leaning on white musks, evernyl and coumarin, forcing an animal note.

Eau Sauvage Cologne wants to offer men of the new millennium a fragrance that is as fresh as Eau Sauvage, while attributing to it the raw materials and the invigorating discoveries made over the last decade in perfumery. As Dior says about it: “An immediate, gushing composition. A spontaneous radiance which nevertheless conceals faceted nuances. “. Eau Sauvage has not finished surprising us and Eau de Sauvage Cologne is one of its prettiest surprises!

Released in 2015, “ Eau Sauvage Cologne ”is the variation of the very famous“ Eau Sauvage ”produced in 1966 by perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. A true icon of men’s perfumery, “Eau Sauvage”, represented by the charismatic Alain Delon, embodies the whole man, his virility. For the first time since Eaux de Cologne, men finally have their perfume, and “Eau Sauvage” will be a global success, which has become timeless since it is still one of the 10 best-selling perfumes for men. “Eau Sauvage Cologne” is a variation that offers a nod to the Eau de Cologne, dear to the house of Dior.

François Demachy and the revisiting of the legendary Eau Sauvage

In 1966, Edmond Roudtniska (1905-1996) composed “Eau Sauvage”. By making “Eau Sauvage”, Edmond Roudnitska caused a real break with the world of fashion and mainly that of men’s perfumery. Indeed, at that time, men scented little, because they thought it was only for women. The only compositions that men liked to wear were Eaux de Cologne, fresh and citrus. In 2015, François Demachy, perfumer from the Dior house, displayed his desire to revisit the legend in “Eau Sauvage Cologne”. Fresh and very lively, the fragrance surprises with its authenticity. As elegant as ever, “Eau Sauvage Cologne” is more prominent than its predecessor. The new version seems to possess an immediate and irresistible charm.

Eau Sauvage Cologne, a Dior tribute to Eaux de Cologne

“Eau Sauvage Cologne” is of course a nod to the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear, the ones that men loved to wear. François Demachy wished here, to accentuate the green facet of the initial scent. “Eau Sauvage Cologne” begins with Calabrian bergamot associated with mandarin and grapefruit. Bergamot is an ancient citrus fruit, mainly cultivated along the coast of the province of Reggio Calabria. Bergamot is the fruit of the bergamot tree, a tree resulting from the hybridization between a sour orange and a lemon tree. Bergamot is a fruit that resembles an orange in shape, but it is yellow like a lemon. However, be aware that bergamot is not eaten pure. It is mainly harvested for extracting its bark. In perfumery, bergamot gives off very fresh, floral and orange tones. The heart of “Eau Sauvage Cologne” combines petitgrain, pink pepper and hedonia which offers an airy freshness. Finally, the base of “Eau Sauvage Cologne” is very manly, because it is full of vetiver, a particularly masculine ingredient.

With “Eau Sauvage Cologne”, François Demachy dares to revisit a legendary fragrance with a nod to the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. The citrus composition is more lively and perhaps more sensual than its elder … An exceptional revisit!

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