Escale En Haiti Eau De Cologne

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Escale En Haiti Eau De Cologne is a fragrance by Les Indemodables. The notes of this fragrance are Pink pepper, juniper, Haitian vetiver, tonka bean, myrhh

Escale En Haiti Eau De Cologne
Escale En Haiti Eau De Cologne


Perhaps the most classic of all scents, the “L’eau de Cologne” style stays perpetually in fashion because of its wonderful simplicity. Featuring a lighter concentration that puts its emphasis on freshness and wearability, an EDC can actually be an ideal format to showcase exquisite natural materials in high concentrations that might feel overwhelming as part of a richer, more busy perfume. With Escale En Haiti, Les Indemodables transports us to the bustling and beautiful Les Cayes region of Haiti, and their signature crop- vetiver, considered by many to be the best in all the world.
Les Cayes vetiver is renowned for its richness and depth- allowed to mature beneath the soil for up to 2 years before harvesting, it develops uniquely bright, sweet citrus tones in addition to the expected earthy and woody properties. And for Escale En Haiti, Les Indemodables uses a 22% concentration of the absolute finest vetiver Les Cayes has to offer: a “Grand Cru” distillation hand-selected from unique terroir, carefully root-harvested, and painstakingly distilled at atmospheric pressure, a slower and more expensive process that provides a richer, longer-lasting extract. The results are a stunning natural vetiver cologne with real depth, each ingredient carefully chosen to highlight an element of the extraordinary main ingredient. Electric pink pepper from Reunion Island and aromatic juniper oil from Macedonia bring a spicy, fresh burst, while rich Venezuelan tonka and Somalian myrrh essential oil add a touch of creamy, powdered elegance to the subtle but long-lasting base. Vetiver lovers looking for both freshness and disctinction- this is one you won’t want to miss.

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