J’adore Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

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J’adore Christian Dior Eau de Parfum is a 1999 Floral Fruity Green Perfume by Christian Dior for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Becker Chalice . Top notes are Mandarin. Middle notes are Pink, Peach, Jasmine, Violet, Plum, Ylang ylang, Lily of the valley, Champaca. Base notes are White musks, Sandalwood, Vanillin.

J’adore Christian Dior Eau de Parfum
J’adore Christian Dior Eau de Parfum


J’adore: A mythical perfume between modernities and traditions of a great house

“& nbsp; I love & nbsp;” does not tell “a story”, but offers a glamorous, chic and luxurious image of a timeless woman dressed by Dior. Luxury is in the bottle as in the raw materials and gold, a precious metal adored by Dior, surrounds the precious perfume as well as the advertising concept. “& Nbsp; I love & nbsp;” de Dior, much more than a perfume, dresses women with a delicate, sensual and noble wave.

“J’adore” all that glitters is Dior

Usually fine perfumery communication specialists create a perfume around a concept, an image that the fragrance wants to convey to its audience: woman-child, independent man … For Dior and the release of “J’adore” in 1999 none of this will be used because the perfume is meant to represent the haute-couture label Dior, not a symbolic image or a muse. And Dior is THE haute-couture house specializing in working with precious materials, so the essence that will translate the deep values ​​of the Dior house will be luxurious, shining with a thousand lights of gold, sophisticated and sensual.

“For great perfumes like J’Adore, it’s the house that expresses itself” 1 affirms François Demachy, creator of Dior perfumery.

The commercial offers the same golden and luxurious universe where the first muse, Carmen Kass, filmed by Mondino takes her bath in pure and liquid gold. Subsequently replaced by Charlize Theron, gold remains, despite the beauty of the actress, the main character of the decor and the atmosphere. Yet the originality of the staging, which offers the sublime Charlize Theron undressing completely to wear only “I love”, strikes the spirits and creates the event. “J’adore” is a perfume but also a strong image for the house of Dior, which develops the concept of luxury down to the smallest detail.

A legendary bottle for a precious floral fragrance

The essence of this magnificent and mythical “J’adore” perfume was created by Calice Baker around the love of the house of Dior. Christian Dior affirms, for example, that “after women, flowers are the most divine creations”, it will therefore be necessary for the perfume to be composed of very beautiful floral surges while being modern and very feminine. And the fragrance of “J’adore” will keep all these promises!

Indeed the most remarkable in the mythical “J’adore” is the use of rare and very luxurious floral notes such as the crystallized orchid, the violet of France or the champaca flower, a pretty member of the magnolias family from Asia.

The fragrance opens with top notes of mandarin and then leaps with joy into a floral bath of intoxicating notes of roses, violets , ylang-ylangs, jasmine and champacas. This heart of precious flowers is also embellished with fruity notes of some sermon and plum. Finally, this magnificent bouquet will finish its deep trail towards scents of white musks, sandalwood and vanillin.

To offer this wonderful fruity floral fragrance, the bottle will appear like a precious amphora, surmounted by a gold necklace that will raise a drop of crystal. No need for a label, the precious bottle created by Hervé Van der Straeten is a work of art that is both refined and sophisticated.

“J’adore” wanted to be the olfactory spokesperson for the great values Of the Dior house. In all respects, whether through the advertising campaigns, the packaging or the fragrance itself, “J’adore” constantly evokes Dior and its natural and graceful sophistication. Designed as a bouquet of flowers that the house offers to women so dear to Dior, the fragrance has never ceased to make their hearts beat faster.

Who does not know this incredibly successful perfume that is J’Adore by Dior? Impossible as its luminous and flowery scent has captured the hearts of millions of faithful since its release in 1999. Yet J’Adore was a daring project that broke with the traditional scents of the house of Dior sometimes rather classic or even refined, sometimes frankly opulent as the famous Poison. Be that as it may, Calice Becker has managed to compose an J’Adore that is both faithful to the Dior spirit and responding to the absolute need for optimism and luminosity of women today.

I love Water de Parfum or the perfumed tribute of Calice Becker to Christian Dior

The J’adore project was born in the venerable Dior perfume house in the mid-90s facing the huge success in perfumery at the time: CK One. No one suspected that this refined and distinguished perfume would become the bestseller of the moment, however Ck One had the obvious merit of perfectly representing Calvin Klein’s flagship values ​​as the deepest desires of the youth of the time.

The Dior house was strongly inspired by this concept by seeking to create a perfume that would highlight the historical values ​​of the fashion house while offering a perfume that would shine with joie de vivre at a time when the world is getting darker than ever. It was Calice Becker, then a very young perfumer, who achieved the feat of composing this perfume which would also bear a predestined and very symbolic name: J’Adore.

Pour J’Adore Eau de Parfum the perfumer will seek to represent olfactively the most beautiful flowers so fond of Christina Dior. But she will modernize them by adding sparkling fruity notes but also depths with a powerful and sensual content.

J’adore is a total success that has also been envied by all perfumers, including l current nose of Dior François Demachy: “Like all my colleagues, I have closely studied this formula. I peeled it, turned it over in all directions and, like all the others, admired, jealous of it. “. All the same, this will not prevent him from subsequently working on its many variations within Dior!

J’adore Eau de Parfum or the love of exceptional raw materials

If J’Adore very quickly became a huge bestseller in perfumery, it is of course thanks to the universality of its luminous composition but also thanks to the extraordinary quality of the ingredients used by Calice Becker.

The flowered heart of J’adore was written as an ode to the flower gardens of Christian Dior, so much the flowers are the stars of the fragrance and carefully chosen for this specific purpose: “the ylang-ylang of the Comoros for its exotic sweetness, the Turkish damask rose for its exuberant and sensual liveliness, and the sambac jasmine from India, fruity with a hint of orange blossom, to which the Grasse jasmine responds. “Dior for J’adore Eau de Parfum. Note also the refined presence of the very rare crystallized orchids, violets of France or champaca flowers.

In addition, J’adore exhales the close and very particular bond that Dior has created to renew these original notes while safeguarding the fabulous heritage of the lands of Grasse. For example, Grasse jasmine is completely new at Dior, which now cultivates this beauty within Domaine Manon, an exclusive partner of Dior.

J’adore had therefore, from its inception, every chance of successfully entering perfumery . In 1999, it was one of the biggest sales successes and, a supreme feat, it even managed to dethrone the famous Chanel N ° 5 in 2011!

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