Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum

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Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum is a 2011 Floral Fruity Gourmand Perfume by Lancome for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo . Top notes are Pink berries. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Cassis, Peony, Raspberry, Ripe. Base notes are Amber woods, Vanilla, White musks, Cedar.

Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum
Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum


Trésor Midnight Rose or the embodiment of romanticism

Lancôme immediately seduces with its audacity and the quality of these cosmetic products. In 1952, Lancôme became a legend with “Trésor”, a bottle with 75 facets, all hand-chiseled for an oriental and refined composition. After the success of “& nbsp; Trésor de Lancôme ” and “Trésor in Love”, Lancôme unveils “Trésor Midnight Rose”. A love story that could not be more romantic, “Trésor Midnight Rose” is built under the sign of the rose.

The Lancôme rose

When Armand Petitjean imagines his first perfumes, he chooses the rose as a major ingredient. Lancôme then decides to imagine “his rose”. This will be the result of a subtle alchemy between the magenta rose and the mauve rose. Created by the famous rose grower Georges Delbard, the Lancôme rose is an intense fuchsia rose with vibrant purity. Since 1974, the Lancôme rose has been the subject of exceptional production, under the leadership of Arnaud Delbard, grandson of the creator … Today the Lancôme rose, which has of course become the emblem of the brand, celebrates its 40 years. The Lancôme rose has not aged a bit and is still synonymous with passion, beauty and pleasure, perhaps even more than ever.

The seductive and gourmet fragrances of Trésor Midnight Rose

Composed by the very famous Anne Flipo, “Trésor Midnight Rose” is a sensual juice. Like his elders, he revolves around the rose. This is noticed from the first notes of “Trésor Midnight Rose”. It is accompanied by very tangy and juicy notes with the presence of raspberry, blackcurrant bud and love apple. The gluttony of juicy and very sweet fruits is very present here. The floral accord returns as a heart note, with the rose, but also with the romanticism of jasmine and the enchantment of peony. The base is more intense and deeper thanks to cedar and musks. It is also enveloped in a tender sensuality with vanilla. The bottle of “Trésor Midnight Rose” resembles that of “Trésor in Love”, a column of multifaceted glass, sculpted like a diamond. It is adorned with a gradient of powder for a romanticism that is here, at its peak. At the neck, we see a rose with satin purple petals. Barely hatched, the rose suggests a most exquisite scent …

Starting from the will of one man, Lancôme quickly became an internationally renowned brand. The Lancôme rose, emblem of the brand, is a very particular rose of rare beauty and intensity. It is this rose that is at the heart of “Trésor Midnight Rose”. A gourmet composition, sweet, but irresistibly sensual.

If the pretty Trésor and its totally innovative pink-peach accords were born in 1990 from the talents of Sophia Grosjamn, it took 20 years to finally discover its first variation under the name of Trésor in Love. Only a year later, the Lancôme house offered us Trésor Midnight Rose and its scent of gourmet and sweet roses, as if to thank us for having waited so long. ..

Trésor Midnight Rose or the light of a romantic scented rose signed Anne Flipo

Anne Flipo is a perfumer who, something rare, was not born in Grasse but in Picardy! Not having known the fields of flowers and the great sunny skies of Provence, the lady of Picardy will only have to make them appear in her “figurative” but also terribly greedy creations, as if to better remember her. childhood spent in a sugar factory. How then can we doubt for a single moment that Anne Flipo would not highlight the rose of Trésor with these multiple “gastronomic” influences?

Indeed, the composition of the pretty Trésor Midnight Rose is totally bathed in the light of fruit tasty from the South, but for all that the perfumer has not forgotten her main theme: the rose! This Lancôme rose, which embellishes all the perfumes of the house and which, from now on, has also become a variety on its own.

Trésor Midnight Rose will therefore be more flowery and opulent than ever while being, at the image of her heroine and her beautiful romantic story, deliciously sparkling and spontaneous, gourmand and mischievous.

“Floral and fruity scent mixing rose, raspberry, jasmine and blackcurrant, Trésor Midnight Rose evokes a captivating game hide and seek in the setting sun. »Lancôme for Trésor Midnight Rose.

A Lancôme love rose named Trésor Midnight Rose

Trésor Midnight Rose is a declaration of love for the eternal rose of Lancôme perfumes, but also the representation in a perfume of these beautiful budding idylls which are only waiting for the sunset to hatch.

Thus Anne Flipo has enclosed in this Midnight Rose Treasure the very essence of the lover’s hide-and-seek which tends as much towards the light as towards the mystery. The radiant beauty of peony and jasmine echoes the disturbing and dark blackcurrant berries. A touch of dazzling mystery is embodied in pink berries.

At the heart, the rose absolute reveals all the best of its romantic potential, while making us “taste” from the nostrils and lips to a juicy and sunny raspberry. The perfumer, in love with scents but also with the beauty of tastes, confides that “For the first time in perfumery, Trésor Midnight Rose is not composed around the classic scent of raspberry but of its fruity aroma” Lancôme for Trésor Midnight Rose.

Finally, the essence of Virginia cedar married to a powerful musk envelops this Trésor Midnight Rose with a veil of mystery and absolute sensuality.

” Lovely and sexy, you’ll never be where you expect you to be with Trésor Midnight Rose. ” Lancôme for Trésor Midnight Rose.

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