Leder 6 Eau de Parfum

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Leder 6 Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by J.F. Schwarzlose. The notes of this fragrance are Osmanthus, saffron, leather, milk, vanilla, incense, styrax

Leder 6 Eau de Parfum
Leder 6 Eau de Parfum


Leder. Even the sound of the German word for leather sounds über naughty, doesn’t it? But if you’re worried that Leder 6 is a hardcore leather with the full-on kink factor of a Berlin night club, then rest easy ? it’s not. With its notes of hot milk, candy, and rubber, Leder 6 is more rakish than kinky. More importantly, it’s gorgeous and all kinds of addictive.
Leder 6 starts out with a creamy white leather accord that’s as ergonomically smooth as the interior of a brand new Porsche. The suede upholstery, although streamlined and modern in feel, is enriched with accents of warm vanilla milk, white chocolate, candied apricots, and a strange but delicious biscuit-like tone. At first steamy and moist, the fragrance grows increasingly dry and powdery, with notes of rubber, resin, and gun smoke emerging in the drydown. In the final tally, we find Leder 6’s heady mix of rubber and milk to be bold and exotic, but also as inviting as a deeply-powdered bosom. A fragrance that titillates rather than provokes, and in our opinion, all the better for it.

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Specification: Leder 6 Eau de Parfum


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