Meraki Eau de Parfum

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Meraki Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Fort & Manle. The notes of this fragrance are Aldehydes, bergamot, apricot, ambergris, peach, coriander, rose, osmanthus, honey, jasmine, cedarwood, musk, sandalwood, patchouli

Meraki Eau de Parfum
Meraki Eau de Parfum


Meraki is a dark homage to one of the most infamous fragrances of all time, Shisedo’s long discontinued Nombre Noir. Envisioned as the Japanese brand‘s breakthrough “western fragrance” under the direction of the legendary Serge Lutens, the scent was plagued with cost overruns, packaging complications, and ultimately a run of defective flacons that led to Shisedo pulling the plug and destroying their entire unsold stock. But a few bottles are still out there, and the osmanthus-heavy scent itself, shrouded as it is in speculation and mystery, has been praised by none other than Luca Turin as “an epiphany” and “the perfect discontinued scent.”
When creating Meraki, Rasei Fort certainly wasn’t attempting to recreate the scent of Nombre Noir, which he owns but has never dared to open. However, based on the notes, he endeavoured to create a vintage-inspired white floral heavily based around the delicate Osmanthus flower that is somewhat synonymous with the original. It’s a tribute to what Nombre Noir represents- the passion and sacrifices made by perfumers and their unrelenting fervour to create fragrances that are individualistic and unique.
And so this is the journey to Meraki, a gorgeous, sumptuous blend of sparkling aldehydes, mouthwatering fruit, and delicately lush, exquisite florals. Equal parts vintage and couture in that inimitable Fort & Manle house style, it’s a scent both ravishingly seductive and disarmingly wearable, a creation all its own but with its compelling influences on its sleeve. It’s a perfect Rasei Fort creation, in other words. And given its extremely limited availability- only 300 bottles (packaged in exquisite wooden boxes) available worldwide, ever- we think it’s a worthy successor to Nombre Noir in every way.

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