Petits Papiers Eau de Parfum

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Petits Papiers Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Mad et Len. The notes of this fragrance are Paper, benzoin, gaiac, patchouli, copaiva balsam, resins

Petits Papiers Eau de Parfum
Petits Papiers Eau de Parfum


Sweet, warm, and resinous, Petits Papiers is inspired by Papiers d’Armenie, benzoin-coated incense papers that took France by storm in the late 19th century. Transposed by Mad et Len into scented candle form, this combination of resins, woods and a highly-evocative paper note had already brought this rich, evocative and historic aroma into the home- but now, exclusively for Luckyscent’s 15th anniversary, Mad et Len has made this timeless scent available in Eau de Parfum form. Enjoy the balsamic complexity of this dynamic, yet subtle composition, as can only be truly appreciated on the greatest canvas of all- your skin.

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Specification: Petits Papiers Eau de Parfum


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