Picadilly ’69 Eau de Parfum

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Picadilly ’69 Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Jack Perfume. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, ginger, green leaves, cypriol, mate, petrol, cedar, amber, leather

Picadilly ’69 Eau de Parfum
Picadilly ’69 Eau de Parfum


On his first-ever trip to London in 1969, a 12-year old Richard E. Grant was mesmerized by the colorful characters of Picadilly Circus- not to mention the intoxicating scents of the busy social hub- the petrol, the leather, the Earl Grey tea, and of course, the patchouli oil worn so ubiquitously by mods, hippies and youth of all stripes. Picadilly ’69 is a faithful ode to this scent memory, a visceral rush of spicy, earthy, stimulating and narcotic, a perfect representation of the extremely specific time and place, but also the universal experience of a teenager taking their first hesitant steps into the desires and appeals of the adult world.
Picadilly ’69 opens crisp and fresh, with bergamot (representing the Earl Grey at Fortnum and Mason) and ginger giving an invigorating initial rush against the green notes wafting over from nearby St. James’ Park. The energetic cityscape is well-represented in the heart, with hypnotic notes of cypriol and petrol, while the rich leather drydown is sensuous and provocative. Whether you fondly remember the Summer of Love, or merely want a taste of a historic, yet personal, awakening, Picadilly ’69 will take you to a time and place where anything was possible.

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