Più Bellodgia Caron Perfume

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Più Bellodgia Caron Perfume is a 2013 Floral Spicy Powdery Perfume by Because we for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Richard Fraysse . Top notes are Green note. Middle notes are Cinnamon, Pink, Jasmine, Cloves, Eyelet, Lily of the valley. Base notes are Vanilla, White musks, Sandalwood, Cedar.

Più Bellodgia Caron Perfume
Più Bellodgia Caron Perfume


Più Bellodgia, resolutely more daring

Renamed Caron, from the name of the former owner, the house will then devote itself solely to the creation of perfumes. Caron is today synonymous with know-how and quality. It has gone through the previous centuries, leaving us with great olfactory treasures. In 1927, “Bellodgia” was born. This very elegant perfume wanted to immortalize the charm of a small Italian town suspended on Lake Como in Bellagio. In 2013, Caron decided to revisit this great classic. “Più Bellodgia” was born.

Più Bellodgia, resolutely more daring

“Bellodgia” was already a daring composition, especially for the time. Very loaded with flowers, the scent was embellished with peppery and wild notes. In 2013, Richard Fraysse, nose of Caron, was in charge of revisiting “Bellodgia”. If it retains the soul of its predecessor, “Più Bellodgia” is more daring, more full-bodied, decidedly more daring. Richard Fraysse claims this composition as being “a unique work sewn from scratch”. “Più Bellodgia” is built around the carnation like its elder, but it was invented by a perfumer today. Here, the carnation is eccentric, it plays with the green freshness of lily of the valley. Cinnamon and cloves bring candor and character. Finally, sandalwood, cedarwood and musks provide a bond and hold between all the ingredients.

Più Bellodgia, built around the carnation

“Più Bellodgia” is a full-fledged work of Caron’s heritage and legacy. “Più Bellodgia” begins with very floral and light notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and rose. Carnation then makes its triumphant entry accompanied by cloves and cinnamon, which gives the composition a very spicy appearance. The trail is woody thanks to the presence of sandalwood and cedarwood, while the musks offer all their sensuality. Rectangular, the bottle remains sober and refined. It is topped with a shiny white cabochon. A very daring composition, “Più Bellodgia” is a burst of light stolen from the Italian sun. With its warm and lively fragrance, “Più Bellodgia” wonderfully evokes the city of Bellagio. This extremely modern juice joins the “Caron selection” collection.

“Bellodgia” was born in 1927. It is a very flowery feminine perfume, a little daring for the time, which nevertheless achieved great success. It was in 2013 that the Caron perfumer decided to revisit it. If it is still built around the carnation, “Più Bellodgia” is decidedly more daring and more modern. Spices surround the star carnation and provide a contrast to the composition, as Caron knows so well. “Più Bellodgia” knew how to keep the Italian sun and thus contributes to realize a beautiful tribute to this small town.

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