SM Cafe Eau de Parfum

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SM Cafe Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Strangers Parfumerie. The notes of this fragrance are coffee absolute, Russian leather, suede, Javanol, lavender, amber, benzoin, tobacco, cade, Atlas cedarwood, tonka bean, beeswax absolute, maraschino cherry, patchouli, cashmeran, rose

SM Cafe Eau de Parfum
SM Cafe Eau de Parfum


SM Café is half café, half sado-masochism. An erotic coffee shop, as perfumer Prin Lomros playfully points out. Yes, it does sound rather dirty ?? but honestly ?? SM Café is nowhere near as scandalous as it sounds. Put your misgivings to one side, for SM Café is simply the glorious coming together of a delicious, aromatic fresh-roasted coffee aroma and a smoky boot leather aroma. Think Aomassaï or Coze (Parfumerie Generale) on steroids. We smell two distinct and entrancing accords here ? the first, a pure espresso darkness mingling with a sweet and creamy waffle cone note, which conjures up the realistic aroma of a café ambiance, and second, the smoky, woody scent of freshly-waxed leather boots. Naughty or just nice? Wear it and decide for yourself. We think it’s one of the all-time coffee greats.

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