Stronger with You Intensely Armani Eau de Parfum

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Stronger with You Intensely Armani Eau de Parfum is a 2019 Oriental Fougere Perfume by Armani for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Pink Pepper, Pine, Violet. Middle notes are Lavender, Clary sage, Cinnamon, Caramel. Base notes are Amber, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Suede.

Stronger with You Intensely Armani Eau de Parfum
Stronger with You Intensely Armani Eau de Parfum


The new intensity of the Stronger with You fragrance

In 2017, Emporio Armani widened its range of two new essences promoting feelings of love: Stronger With You and Because It’s You. Today, these two juices are reinventing themselves and becoming even more fiery than in the past. The most masculine of them is called Stronger With You Intensely and reveals to us all the power of a budding love. So what about this new oriental and woody composition?

Stronger With You Intensely, a darker juice than before

Stronger With You Intensely by Emporio Armani has a very different scent than its predecessor. On the other hand, the creative continuity which binds it to its elder brother is immediately obvious from the sight of its bottle. Stronger With You Intensely preserves the same silhouette as the previous fragrance from the Emporio Armani collection. It comes in a glass case topped with an opaque black stopper. Its transparent base is both imposing and stable, while preserving a certain softness thanks to its rounded contours. Its name is displayed in silver letters on its front face, standing out with a more amber fragrance than before. Stronger With You Intensely is presented to us in three different formats of 30, 50 and 100 ml.

When the fern family becomes more oriental and warm

But what scent can be hiding in this new perfume? Stronger With You Intensely dares a breath more explosive than ever. It launches on a very spicy scent of pink pepper, associated with juniper and violet. A bit floral while being powdery and slightly retro, Stronger With You Intensely does not lack nuances. His heart, meanwhile, becomes more greedy. It is enriched with butterscotch and cinnamon. Sage and lavender, in turn, give it a more Mediterranean feel. A smoky vanilla invites itself into its base, as in the past in the previous Stronger With You. Ice chestnut, meanwhile, has disappeared in favor of tonka bean, amber and suede.

Stronger With You Intensely, a fragrance synonymous with love and ardor

With its powerful olfactory oppositions, the Stronger With You perfume perfectly embodies the ardor of a budding love. It is aimed at young people “whose hearts beats in unison, stopping at each contact”. In fact, it is directly inspired by the feelings aroused by a fresh and particularly exciting romantic relationship. Stronger With You Intensely is a scent filled with adrenaline. He is not made to go unnoticed and makes love a formidable motor, a source of creative energy. Stronger With You Intensely simply makes you want to be the best and to surpass yourself. It invites us to see bigger and further.

The beautiful haute couture and perfumery label created by Giorgio Armani in the 1950s has chosen to develop its collections through a new range for young women and young men called Emporio Armani. In order to best accessorize these new collections, Emporio Armani will also be available in perfumes with first Emporio Armani Diamonds for Her and for Him, then in 2017 with Stronger with You for men and Because it’s you for women.

Stronger with You Intensely, the new sensual force of man Emporio Armani

The success in 2017 of the magnificent fragrant couple Because it’s you and Stronger with You strongly encouraged the perfumers on the initiative of this couple in perfume to create from their compositions an even more intense version of these two beautiful juices. This is how in January 2019, we will discover Stronger with You Intensely which will once again capsize our hearts with its sensual and fresh scents, but this time propelled by even more gourmet notes in order to be even more sensual. & nbsp;

Cécile Matton, perfumer at the origin of Stronger with You and very probably at the origin of Stronger with You Intensily, was thus able once again to make us discover her perfumed universe through the notes freshness that she likes so much or even by the sensual notes of a masculine vanilla. She says she chooses “nutmeg, the smell of puppies, a synthetic smell called Orcanox, especially when combined with vanilla and the smell of drying clothes …”. & nbsp; & nbsp;

So once again Stronger with You Intensily seems to correspond wonderfully to the olfactory universe of its perfumer but also to the romantic and elegant universe that the Emporio Armani brand wishes to give to all its bottles.

Caramel and cinnamon for a Stronger with You Intensely terribly addictive

Stronger with You had the audacity to play with the different facets of a modern man to make them come together. combine with each other with sophistication. We thus found an elegant violet note, fresh aromatic citrus head notes that are relatively traditional in men’s perfumery and depths of woody hazelnut; on the other hand, they are very original by their gluttony and their new sensuality. & nbsp;

For Stronger with You Intensely, the Emporio Armani house has chosen to keep some of these original notes but also to reinforce them with new, warmer accords bringing more sensuality to this intense fragrance.

Thus Stronger with You Intensely opens with a wind of notes of pink pepper and violet leaves sprinkled with a note of pine that is at the same time intense, woody and nervous. At the heart, lavender and sage bring the cold where caramel and cinnamon become hot and bewitching velvet. Amber, tonka bean, vanilla and suede close this warm-cold ball in an overpowering oriental trail that offers a virility that is both animal and tender to the man of Stronger with You Intensily.

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