Viper Green Eau de Parfum

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Viper Green Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Ex Nihilo. The notes of this fragrance are Green mandarin, angelica, galbanum, iris, vetiver, patchouli

Viper Green Eau de Parfum
Viper Green Eau de Parfum


There’s something inherently dangerous about green scents. Yes, they’re fresh and vibrant, but lurking behind that freshness is a sense of wildness, of instinctual, uncontrollable nature. This dangerous, seductive side of green is what gives us Viper Green, a new unisex floral from Ex Nihilo that feels thrillingly, poisonously sexy. Opening with a flash of bright green mandarin backed up with crisp angelica and bitingly fresh galbanum, we can tell from the very start that this is really and truly a green scent, thorns and all. A floral heart of iris adds dry, cool elegance, while spiky vetiver and deep, earthy patchouli are rich and imposing with primordial power. To wear Viper Green is to feel like a hunter, imbued with predatory grace, fully in tune with nature. Make sure you pack it for your next hunt.

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Specification: Viper Green Eau de Parfum


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