Wanted by Night Azzaro Eau de Parfum

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Wanted by Night Azzaro Eau de Parfum is a 2018 Woody Spicy Perfume by Azzaro for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Michel Girard Quentin Bisch . Top notes are Cinnamon, Mandarin. Middle notes are Cedar, Incense, Cumin. Base notes are Cedar, Tobacco, Cypress.

Wanted by Night Azzaro Eau de Parfum
Wanted by Night Azzaro Eau de Parfum


The Wanted perfume reinvents itself for the night …

Her latest fragrance, Wanted , is a perfect illustration of her style. Today, it still reveals to us one of its many charming assets. He metamorphoses into a seductive and nocturnal version. Prepare to fall in love with Wanted by Night.

Wanted by Night, a virile and exotic fragrance

Wanted by Night is a fragrance characterized by immense charisma. It is presented as an oriental, woody, explosive and spicy juice. Her sole ambition: to turn women’s heads and reveal her boundless sensuality. Wanted by Night by Azzaro is a “mixture of temptations and masculinity”. It is articulated in three successive stages. It first takes off on a fiery freshness based on citrus and cinnamon. Then, his masculinity takes over and blends exotic woods with spices. Once again, Wanted by Night shows us its fiery temperament. Finally, it envelops itself in masculinity with the depth of cedar while enriching itself with a more mysterious part made from incense and tobacco.

The barrel-shaped bottle signed Azzaro

On the bottle side, Wanted by Night has retained the shape of its predecessor. Its silhouette is that of a barrel with complex mechanics. A real jewel, this container is made with extreme attention to detail. Everything is there, from the medallion at its top forming a poker chip to the six balls of this weapon of mass seduction. All in contrasts, it opposes a metallic top to a transparent base. Only its juice turns out more amber than before, as if night had suddenly fallen on Wanted by Night.

Nikolai Danielsen, face of Loris Azzaro for Wanted

Wanted by Night is the incarnation of Loris Azzaro. This juice embodies the image of a daring, generous, attractive and seductive man. Wanted by Night is for all those who enjoy life to the fullest and who appear free to make their own choices. Wanted by Night is “the scent of a modern-day seducer, of an extraordinary, elegant, daring, mysterious man, surrounded by an aura of confidence and power. Whether night or day, it attracts and arouses desire ”. Once again, on screen, the Azzaro house has chosen to have its perfume embodied by Nikolai Danielsen. Face of the brand since the release of the first Wanted, we must admit that it sticks perfectly to the image of this juice. Both chic and refined, it is nonetheless mysterious and bewitching. His bad-boy side fits him like a glove and never ceases to charm the fairer sex. With him, Wanted by Night becomes the symbol of a beloved and attractive man, without lacking in humor, enough to make many (his) followers …

Released in 1978, “ Azzaro pour Homme ”is the first fragrance, but also one of the best known. Particularly attractive, it then offers men an ultra masculine scent. In 2016, the brand presents “Wanted”, a perfume that is also seductive, but ultra modern with a rather “bad boy” muse. Faced with this new success, Azzaro unveils in 2018 “Azzaro Wanted By Night”. If the fragrance is as attractive as its eldest, it is nevertheless much more enigmatic. Woody and explosive, Azzaro proves here that modern man has no limits …

Azzaro Wanted By Night, an assertive masculinity

“Azzaro Wanted By Night ”is the scent of the new fashion dandies. Attractive, charismatic and irresistible at the same time, the Azzaro man never ceases to charm us! In fact, “Wanted By Night” is inspired by the lifestyle and style of man, designer Loris Azzaro. Between determination and daring, the Azzaro brand unveils here a woody juice that is considered explosive! With “Wanted By Night”, Azzaro proves that men have no limits. Sensual, ultra charismatic, they are explosive like the composition of “Azzaro Wanted By Night”.

Azzaro Wanted By Night, the scent of a modern Gatsby endowed with sensuality wild

The mixture of exotic woods and spices here pushes male seduction to its peak. “Azzaro Wanted By Night” soars on the fiery cinnamon associated with tangerine. Cinnamon comes from the cinnamon tree, an evergreen tree about 15 m tall. The origin of cinnamon is uncertain, but it is believed to be very old since it is mentioned in the Bible as well as in Sanskrit texts. In the Middle Ages, cinnamon was a valuable commodity used in stews and broths. Today, cinnamon comes mainly from China and Indonesia. In cinnamon plantations, the bark is taken from the branches, and the twigs from the suckers. After the & nbsp; harvest, only the inner part of the bark is kept (this living part is called “liber”) then cut into sections. During its drying, it rolls up on itself, thus forming small pipes more or less laminated. The word “cinnamon” comes from the Latin “canna”, which means reed. The cinnamon sticks are then marketed whole or reduced to powder. In perfumery, cinnamon releases spicy, sweet, peppery and vanilla tones.

Then, the heart of “Azzaro Wanted By Night” becomes totally explosive and ultra virile thanks to the presence of red cedar, frankincense and cumin. Red cedar, also called “Thuya Plicata” is a cedar from Canada. For the indigenous peoples, the red cedar was considered the “tree of life”. Red cedar is an excellent red for wooden house construction. In perfumery, red cedar gives off scents that are both subtle and warm, spicy and sweet. Finally, the base of “Azzaro Wanted By Night” combines tobacco and cypress, giving the whole composition a very pronounced masculine side, animal, even almost bestial, leaving a most enigmatic trail.

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