White Madera Eau de Parfum

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White Madera Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Omnia Profumo. The notes of this fragrance are Vanilla, citrus, peach blossom, floral notes, cinnamon, star anise, tobacco blossom, coconut, white musk, cedar

White Madera Eau de Parfum
White Madera Eau de Parfum


For years now, Omnia’s Madera has been one of our reference gourmand scents- a sumptuous, mouthwatering butterscotch-vanilla-caramel delight that turns heads and entices those in its trail. Now, Omnia returns to one of their greatest hits with a fresh new take, supplementing the warm sweetness we love with a crisp, fresh, spicy new heart that ignites the senses and reinvents a classic. While the fragrance still opens with the instantly recognizable, positively sumptuous mix of vanilla bean and rich Madagascar vanilla, now it’s also lightened and brightened with juicy, tart citrus. In the heart, the difference becomes even more clear, as licorice-y star anise and fiery cinnamon bring an intense, bright, and subtly masculine edge, while the soft florals of the original Madera still blend with the vanilla to provide smooth creaminess. And in the impossibly rich base, coconut and musk still join the party, keeping us firmly in gourmand territory.
So is White Madera still Madera? Absolutely- the cozy, delectable vanilla you know and love is still very much present. But this is a new Madera, with a spicy, sophisticated, grown-up kick- and those seeking some energy with their comfort will not be disappointed.

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