Yves Saint Laurent Saharan Eau de Toilette

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Yves Saint Laurent Saharan Eau de Toilette is a 2011 Citrus Aromatic Floral Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo Carlos Benaim . Top notes are Mandarin, Bergamot, Pink berries, Lemon, Citron. Middle notes are Jasmine, Ginger, Hedione, Galbanum, Blackcurrant bud. Base notes are Amber woods, White musks, Fir balsam.

Yves Saint Laurent Saharan Eau de Toilette
Yves Saint Laurent Saharan Eau de Toilette


Saharan … When haute couture mingles with perfumery

He caused a scandal with the “Collection 40” which recalls the retro style worn by women during the Second World War. Her first perfume “Rive Gauche” released in 1971 is an incitement to the liberation of women. In 2011, the couturier presented “Saharienne”, an essence that pays homage to the iconic YSL jacket.

From the iconic Saharan laced jacket with Yves Saint Laurent scent

You should know that before being a perfume name, “Saharienne” is a laced jacket. This legendary jacket was created in 1969 and represents an ode to travel. The Saharan is a jacket that is worn close to the skin, and is defined as an ultra sensual jacket which aims to sublimate the woman. Worn in the 19th century in Africa and India, the Saharan protects the skin from the sun. It was usually made of linen or cotton. Thanks to Yves Saint Laurent, the Saharan has not only been updated, but now has its own fragrance. Elegant and sophisticated, “Saharienne” is an authentic, yet provocative woman who does not clutter with conventions. Through the “Saharan” fragrance YSL wanted to symbolize, for once, the freedom of women. Already developed in 2011,

The sensual freshness of the Saharan fragrance YSL

This fresh water was designed by Carlos Benaïm and Anne Flipo. It was nevertheless Alberto Morillas who was chosen to bring the fragrance up to date in 2015. “Saharan” is described as wild and provocative eau. It’s like a one-way ticket for an escape whose destination will remain unknown. “Saharan” begins with a citrus bouquet with the presence of lemon, bergamot and tangerine. The heart is a floral-fruity association and we find roses and white flowers that blend harmoniously with the blackcurrant bud, the green notes of galbanum, as well as spicy touches with rose berries, and ginger. , giving the composition a strong temperament. The bottom of “Saharienne” warms up with wood and pine needles. The result is a neo-Cologne with an ultra sensual character. As for the bottle, it displays a crystalline transparency which suggests its golden sand-colored juice. The entire glass is worked with multiple rays, thus sublimating its kindling. Yves Saint Laurent’s mythical cassandre appears in the center of the bottle and shines like the hot sun. Finally, the whole thing is topped with a very haute couture hammered stopper.

A tribute to one of the finest pieces of haute couture, “Saharienne” nevertheless transports us to a world of dreams and escape, in the heart of a desert with hot and golden sand. Its composition is exceptional for a freshness and makes the Saharan a high fashion garment which now has its own essence.

Saharan by Yves Saint- Laurent, an ode to travel

To Yves Saint -Laurent garment that has become a perfume

Before being the name of a perfume, Saharienne is above all the name of an iconic laced jacket from the Yves Saint brand -Laurent. This legendary piece was created in 1969 and is an emblem for travel. She calls for escape and did not fail to seduce as soon as she appeared. Moreover, it has been reinterpreted many times over the collections. In addition, the Saharienne is a jacket that can be worn like a second skin. In this sense, it is a concentrate of sensuality, sublimating the forms of women. The one who wears it appears both wild and provocative while being authentic and close to nature. Also, it is exactly this philosophy that is referred to in the Saharienne perfume by Yves Saint-Laurent. The latter symbolizes a free femininity. It evokes a distant escapade with a strong power of seduction. The Saharan woman has never been so feline and attractive. Saharan is like a sunny mirage with an extraordinary power of attraction. However, Saharienne is a fresh water… Without doubt the most ardent of its category!

The sensual freshness of Saharienne

It is to the perfumers Carlos Benaïm and Anne Flipo that we owes the Saharan fragrance. This is a concentrate of freshness. It begins with a combination of citrus fruits like Primo Fiore lemon zest, bergamot and tangerine. These tangy notes are also associated with the sunny and radiant bitterness of crumpled orange leaves. Then, the galbanum brings its vegetable scent. What is more, it is further reinforced by the presence of blackcurrant buds. The heart of Saharan woman is then more insolent. It contains pink berries and ginger. Finally, it all ends with a drier and woody heat emanating from the pine needles. However, if Saharienne captivates us with its smell, its bottle is not left out either. This displays crystal clear transparency. Its golden juice shines through it and is almost like a hot expanse of sand. Yves Saint-Laurent’s mythical Cassandra appears in its center and shines like a source of energy. The entire Saharan glass is worked with multiple rays, which only sublimates its conflagration. Finally, the whole thing is still topped with a very couture gold hammered stopper. This perfume is therefore a very beautiful tribute to one of the most beautiful pieces & nbsp; of fashion from the brand Yves Saint-Laurent.

Saharienne Eau de Toilette

The hottest of fresh waters. “An invitation to travel. His name sounds like a no-brainer. A tribute to the iconic laced jacket, a legendary piece of Yves Saint Laurent couture. An ode to sensuality that sublimates shapes in a provocative game of hidden and unveiled on the skin. A stunning celebration of free, wild and provocative femininity.

Faithful to the writing of Yves Saint Laurent fragrances, Saharienne reinvents freshness in an unprecedented register. Provocative, it shakes up the codes and mixes extreme temperatures, from the soaring light to the incandescent wake.

At the top, Primo Fiore lemon zest, Italian bergamot and tangerine splash thousands of tangy shards on the overexposed white petals, like a“ blanc de blanc ”champagne. The sweet bitterness of the crumpled orange leaves is pricked by a few arrows. green, unchecked by the galbanum and the blackcurrant bud. Solar and salty floral scents are galvanized by the insolence of pink berries and ginger. The sensation is voluptuous and enveloping, suave and caressing.

Olfactory Family: Aromatic – Fresh

Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin.

Heart Notes: Crumpled Orange Leaves, Galbanum, Blackcurrant Bud.

Base notes: Pink Berries, Ginger.

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