Izia La Nuit de Sisley, staged in a fairy-tale commercial

Izia La Nuit de Sisley, staged in a fairy-tale commercial
Izia La Nuit de Sisley, staged in a fairy-tale commercial

At the start of 2021, the Sisley house is offering us a new feminine olfactory creation. Named Izia La Nuit, its original juice is inspired by the previous Izia, while moving towards a new register. In 2017, Izia honored the radiance of the day and the sun. As its name suggests, Izia La Nuit is its exact opposite, taking inspiration from the nocturnal universe. However, these two essences do have some points in common, starting with their muse and their fantastic universe. So, how about finding the publicity for this essence?

Izia La Nuit, a floral fragrance, capturing the freshness of twilight

Let’s start by making the presentations… Izia La Nuit is a juice that revolves around the rose, the favorite flower of Isabelle d’Ornano, founder of Sisley. Thus, he immerses us in his personal rose garden, while soaring on the freshness of citrus fruits. Floral and sensual, Izia La Nuit is also captivating and seductive. To evoke the night, it offers darker and woody accents of patchouli and oakmoss. Undeniably, if the night had to have a smell, it would be this one!

Who is the face of Izia La Nuit’s advertising?

Sisley has always put forward his personal story. Thus, the whole family line is destined body and soul to the brand. However, Izia La Nuit is still a perfect demonstration of this. First of all, this perfume is inspired by the personal memories of the founder. On the advertising side, he portrays Sonia Vesona, a fascinating muse with flamboyant red hair. But who exactly is she? In reality, it is simply the niece Isabelle d’Ornano. The latter explains: “We saw Sonia grow up, she is lovely with her red hair, she looks like a Pre-Raphaelite painting… Choosing her for this film was done quite naturally”. Also note that the name Izia comes from the diminutive of Isabelle in Polish… Quite a symbol!

The enchanting images of Izia’s Night of Sisley commercial

Izia La Nuit takes us into an enchanting and dreamlike universe. It all starts with the discovery of a letter. Sonia Vesona reads a few lines carefully, which seems to enchant her and fill her with positive vibes. It was then that she decided to get drunk on a few sprays of Izia La Nuit.. The sumptuous decor around it is immediately transformed. Sonia Vesona flies away and everything immediately becomes even more beautiful. On a soft and soothing melody, words resound: “love, wonder, grace, metamorphosis, flight…”. The clouds invite themselves inside this sumptuous mansion. Sonia Vesona poses in front of a wall of roses, echoing the flagship ingredient of this fragrance. A dove joins her gracefully. The advertisement ends outside this castle, while the day gradually fades to give way to night. The advertising campaign ends with the mere sight of the Izia La Nuit bottle sparkling in the dark night and illuminated with a few golden touches.

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