New Diesel, perfume Only The Brave Silver

New Diesel, perfume Only The Brave Silver
New Diesel, perfume Only The Brave Silver

Only The Brave Silver by Diesel, a fragrance full of confidence and determination

Since its creation in 2009, Diesel’s Only The Brave perfume has never ceased to prove its determination to us. It is a fragrance synonymous with conviction and assurance. Thus, Diesel’s latest creation, Only The Brave Silver, is no exception. This perfume seems to have in it all the energy necessary to encourage you to meet all the challenges of everyday life. Only The Brave Silver is a compendium of strength and serenity. It vibrates in contact with male skin and delivers an adrenaline rush in each of its pulsations.

The return of Diesel’s raised fist

As always, Diesel has decided to present us its perfume Only The Brave Silver in a bottle in the shape of a closed fist. Synonymous with strength, assertion and courage, it is inspired by a gigantic sculpture located in Detroit, and paying tribute to boxer Joe Louis. Originally, Only The Brave came in a clear, slightly bluish bottle. Today, this color has disappeared in favor of a silver and chrome lacquer. The name of the brand is displayed on a logo ring passed around two fingers. This metal plate has become a real signature that is displayed on each of the bottles in the collection. The container of Only The Brave Silver already says a lot about the bravery and the assumed virility that is hidden there.

Only The Brave Silver, a perfumed manifesto of virility

On the scent side, Only The Brave Silver does not lack daring and dares to assemble olfactory nuances that are opposed to each other. However, it displays an indisputable harmony. It begins with the presence of a fresh and lively lemon. This citrus fruit reveals all the dynamism of the Diesel man. However, Only The Brave Silver and very quickly warmed up by the more syrupy and warm amber. A woody shade of cedar amplifies the depth of this composition and signs all the virility of this fragrance. Finally, as if to turn women’s heads, Only The Brave Silver finally ends with a more animal breath of leather. The result is a fragrance that is not cold in the eyes and which is intended for all men who are not afraid to assert their virile personality and their fiery temperament.

A fragrance that is not at its first revisit

Note all the same that Only The Brave Silver is far from being the first reinterpretation of this already cult juice. Indeed, if Only The Brave saw the light of day in 2009, it was followed in 2012 by Only The Brave Tattoo , a real indelible signature on the skin. Then, in 2014, Only The Brave Wild put more emphasis on authenticity. Only The Brave Extreme is a more balmy juice that was created in 2016. A year later, in 2017, it was followed by a kind of aquatic and explosive fern of freshness named Only The Brave High . Only The Brave Silver is therefore the fifth variation of this iconic Diesel fragrance.

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