Nina Ricci – The Temptation of Nina

Nina Ricci - The Temptation of Nina
Nina Ricci – The Temptation of Nina

For the start of the 2014 school year, two famous French houses have joined forces to create a perfume and a macaroon. Nina Ricci launches her new perfume La Tentation de Nina…

Nina’s Temptation

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Nina’s Temptation – Nina Ricci and Ladurée

The Nina Ricci and Ladurée houses had the original idea of ​​combining their know-how to create, each in their field, an unparalleled creation. Thus the Nina Ricci perfumes give birth to a new perfume in the Nina range: La Tentation de Nina. And the Ladurée macaroon house for its part has developed an exclusive line that is associated with the new Nina Ricci fragrance: La Tentation de Nina.

Nina's Temptation - Perfume and Macaroons
Nina’s Temptation – Perfume and Macaroons

La Tentation de Nina was born from the collaboration of two exceptional men: Olivier Cresp, Master perfumer of the Maison Nina Ricci and Vincent Lemains, chef responsible for the creation of the famous Parisian pastry shop Ladurée.

It is by developing a perfume like a macaroon, and by working a macaroon like a perfume that Nina’s Temptation is born. Both men have worked for a long time to develop a scent that makes you want to eat it. So with the aim of a perfect association, Ladurée macaroons are launching a line of macaroons called La Tentation de Nina.

Perfume – The Temptation of Nina

A fragrance built like a macaroon. La Tentation de Nina is a floral, fruity fragrance. It smells like Nina macaroon topped with raspberry jam, with lemon drops and rose flavor.

Nina Ricci - The Temptation of Nina - Case
Nina Ricci – The Temptation of Nina – Case

The composition begins with citrus notes of Italian bergamot and grapefruit zest, reminiscent of the lemon present in the La Tentation de Nina macaroon. The heart of La Tentation de Nina is expressed through notes of raspberry, almond, lemon and absolute Bulgarian rose. All the ingredients that make up the macaroon are found in the heart of the fragrance. Finally, the base of the perfume is manifested through notes of Bourbon vanilla, white musk and sandalwood. A scent that you want to bite into like a macaroon.

Macaron – Nina’s Temptation

A macaroon imagined as a perfume. The macaroon born from the collaboration with Nina Ricci perfumes is composed of lemon to recall the citrus notes of the Temptation of Nina perfume. Lemon will be associated with raspberry, which evokes the fruity facet of the fragrance La Tentation de Nina. Finally, the rose to remember the floral aspect of the brand new Nina Ricci fragrance.

The Temptation of Nina and Macarons Perfume
The Temptation of Nina and Macarons Perfume

To complete this combination, La Tentation de Nina candles will be available in Ladurée pastry shops.

Both the macaroon and the La Tentation de Nina perfume have fuchsia and gold shades. The result is a scent that strangely resembles a macaroon and a macaroon that curiously evokes a perfume. In their joint work Olivier Cresp and Vincent Lemains have succeeded in marrying two great French houses: Nina Ricci and Ladurée.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Floral – Fruity

Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Zest of Grapefruit.

Heart Notes: Nina Macaron (Raspberry, Almond, Bulgarian Rose, Lemon).

Base notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk.

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